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  1. In the year 6095, the earth became too populated. The humans decided that they would build a space-ship-city and they called it 'Initium'. As about 200,000 people boarded the ship on the mission to find another planet that they could live on. Little did they know that there were other aliens who were looking to do the same thing, and on the way they had picked up hitch-hikers of many shapes an sizes. The humans had to learn to get along with these new 'friends', though some of them were there simply to cause trouble and terror. The humans then decided it was about time to gather people, including aliens, to be the police force. While they had advance technology, it was only a matter of time the ship would crash due to terrorists. Will there be people to help the police, or would everyone be against them and help destroy everything humanity had set out for?

    Char sheet:
    Attire: (stuff you wear/accessories.
    Race: (Alien/Human)


    1: Well first off, have good grammar. That means use the right there, they're, and their. Also the right to, too and two.

    2: Do NOT and I repeat, do NOT kill others' characters without their permission. It just makes it less fun for them.

    3: No excessive cussing. No F-bomb. I get you guys wanna be... ahem... *mermaidman voice* EEEEVIIIIIL!! but seriously, not every bad guy is an arse and uses bad words every second of their life.
    4: PLEASE don't make a billion posts every second. Use one post for one thing. Like I'm doing now.

    5: No sexy times. Blushing, kissing and hand-holding is the closest you get.

    6: No more than 2 characters.

    7: Have fun~
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  2. Appearance: Cat ears on her head instead of on the side of her head like humans and a tail.
    Attire: She wears a headband infront of her cat ears, a T-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes.
    Name: Opal
    Gender: Female
    Race: Alien (A sort of cat alien ofc)
    Other: Her job is cleaning a café that plenty of people go to, and she lives in an alley way to save money. Her weapon is a knife she keeps close and she has a pet cat named Kyle, who hangs out around her and protects her in any way he can.

    I would have posted this in my last post, but I didn't want you guys to read that huge thing.
Thread Status:
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