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  1. Your Game Masters for this roleplay are @Zen @Kino @Eternalfire61 @UltimaCircuit

    Posting Expectations:

    At this level, you should exhibit a distinct writing voice and style. All players must be familiar with common grammar and punctuation and write clearly legible posts with varied sentence structure. You will be expected to have more fleshed-out characters and adhere to the setting.

    Your GMs will be pushing for you to improve your writing in this game. We want this roleplay to challenge you and make you better writers. We want our players to interact, develop the plot, their characters, and develop their writing abilities.

    Initium Novum - a colony ship that is home to 10 million humans and androids - is traveling through space in search of a new home. The ship has hit its 150th anniversary, 20 years later than when it was first expected to finish its mission, and its residents are wondering when their journey will end. Unrest is brewing, questions are being asked about the direction of the ship, and some are growing concerned about their resources.

    On its voyage, Initium Novum will encounter problems both within and outside the ship and it is up to the massive crew to find solutions. As the ship is nearing the end of its journey, its citizens have become easily riled up, especially those at the top. Will Initium Novum surpass its predecessors and find a new home, or will the ship meet its demise?

    The Background:

    Initium Novum was a massive project created by the United Front of Vitae, when humans realized that they had irreversibly destroyed their planet through carelessness. While they could not correct the problem, the United Front decided on another solution and that was to travel through the stars until they found a new planet.

    Political Structure:

    Council members make major decisions on the ship. The council positions are:

    Labor, Economy, Entertainment, Extraction, Infirmary, Engineering, Military, Food and Water, Education, along with Council Members for each of the Social Levels. Council Members are played by GMs.

    How This Game Works:

    - This roleplay is Science Fiction fused with Magic. The technology for this ship is called Magi-tech, which powers most of the ship and its functions.

    - This roleplay will be told in episodes, with one major plot and a handful of minor plots running at the same time. Each episode will run for a month until it is closed, and a new one is announced.

    - You will be expected to post at least a few times a week. The pace can pick up during the closing of an episode. Your character might be hijacked if you are holding up the RP and don’t post for too long.

    - You can play a human or an android (AI). Both can use mana to various degrees. More information about this later in the post.

    - Gore and violence is allowed in this roleplay, but sexual scenes either need to fade to black or taken to PMs. Try and keep it PG-13

    The Ship:

    Initium Novum is a gargantuan ship whose population was taken from various parts of Vitae. The ship was built in outer space, away from the orbit of Vitae. This was deemed necessary because of the ship’s massive size. It is so large that it would have been impossible for any structure on the planet to be built to hold it during construction, and building it in orbit around the planet would have affected tidal forces on Vitae, potentially causing catastrophic global flooding and possibly other natural disasters. No one other than those who were building the ship actually saw it before completion. Once finished, millions of luck humans and androids were flown to Initium Novum.

    Initium Novum is powered primarily by mana, which is extracted from mana crystals. The ship also has a backup solar array, but in times of dire distress, humans can be used to power parts of the ship with their natural mana.

    Initium Novum is equipped with several different types of smaller ships. Military vessels ranging from scouting ships, to fighters are housed on the sides of Initium Novum. They have yet to be used. Harvester ships, which are used to extract resources from asteroids, moons, the rings of planets, and occasionally the surface of uninhabitable planets, are often deployed. These range from giant tanker-like ships made to haul whatever resources are extracted back to the Initium Novum, to small mining ships that do the dirty work of extracting those resources. Repair ships are deployed on an almost daily basis, and can be seen circling around the ship's natural gravity field.

    The ship is separated into different districts. There are 4 social classes on board the ship, and each one has its own floor, with the poorest near the bottom and ascending up until you reach the wealthiest section. These sections are as follows:

    Initium Novum: Level 1 – The Slums (open)


    The lowest level of Initium Novum. This level is the slum of the colony ship and the poorest of the poor live on this level. Food courts are low in stature and drinks out of vending machines usually come out lukewarm. Doctors and health specialists on Level 1 are usually unreliable and ill willed, taking advantage of the ignorant commoners and prescribing them with the wrong drugs. Living quarters on Level 1 tend to be very small, usually being on par with a typical master bathroom. It is not uncommon for people on Level 1 to sleep outside of their homes on tarps or pieces of clothing. Those who reside upon Level 1 are looked down upon by all levels except Level 2 and do most of the manual labor needed for Initium Novum. People from Level 4 usually refer to the Level Ones as people who are worthless or those who just take up space. This level is also notorious for its whores, underground clubs, jails, gambling, and CAFOs.

    Initium Novum: Level 2 – The Wards (open)


    The second to last level of Initium Novum. This level is what most would refer to as the lower middle class. Most of the people that live here consider themselves lucky to not be from Level 1. The living conditions of Level 2 are slightly better than that of Level 1 and most of the people who call this place home work in the Maintenance Branch as its HQ is on this level. Health care on this level is exceptionally better as well. A few Level 2 doctors even receive patients from Level 1. The food court merchants are known for giving slightly more food to those from Level 1 and pity the conditions they live in. Spaces for living on this level are that of a typical one bedroom and one bathroom apartment. Those of level 4 consider the people of level 2 to be only slightly better than those of level 1, deeming them at least useful to the rest of society.

    Entertainment Hub (open)

    The Entertainment Hub of the Initium Novum is not part of any level and is towards the front of the colony ship. This area is as tall as all of the levels combined and is meant for people of all levels to enjoy. This area is filled with many forms of entertainment, like theatrical plays, movies, and even virtual reality theme parks that change based on seasons. There is even a large porn and prostitution industry. The Biodome is also located here, where trees, grass, and parks are available for citizens to enjoy, although damaging plants will result in immediate incarceration.

    Initium Novum: Level 3 – The Presidium (open)


    The third level of Initium Novum. This level is what most refer to as the upper middle class. Located in the middle of the ship, Level 3s are typically neutral about all relations in between the levels. Their opinions often differ between condemning the lower or higher class, or not caring. Health personnel on this level tend to strictly serve those of their level only and refuse to take people from other levels, regardless if they are lower or higher. The Security Defense Headquarters are located in the center of this level. The HQ is viewed as ominous and controversial to those who reside here, mostly because of the electrical fences and security personnel who patrol the outside of the tall, tower-like building . Food on Level 3 tends to be clean and appetizing in appearance. Homes on this level are well sized, accommodating the families that live in them and the occasional guest.

    Initium Novum: Level 4 - Paradise (open)


    The level before the fifth level in Initium Novum. This level is where the richest of the rich live. Level 4s are not viewed in a positive as their snobby personalities and their lack of understanding of the lower levels often rub people the wrong way. This level has what any typical rich area would have - a private golf course, grand water fountains, and large homes. Food court merchants on this level make only the finest food, but with a hefty price tag. Doctors on this level tend to serve only Level 4s and will help other levels if necessary. Their prices can fluctuate. This level is also home to the politicians and those who work in the harvester ships. Unlike the 3 lower levels, all entrances to level 4 are blocked by security checkpoints, and anyone without a valid level 4 ID is not permitted inside. Even guests from other levels accompanied by a resident of level 4 must receive special permission to enter, and their time inside is catalogued.

    The Bunker (open)

    The Bunker is the uppermost level of the Initium Novum. It is the base of operations for the entire political system. All council meetings are held here. The execution of prisoners on death row occur here. No one is permitted inside without valid identification, and only those of the highest standing can get it. Guests are strictly forbidden, under any circumstance. The Bunker is essentially the Pentagon.

    Engineering (open)

    The engineering section of the ship is near the rear, where the things that make the ship tick are located. Power generators, engines, various control rooms, everything that has a major function on the ship is likely found here. As such, it is heavily guarded, similarly to the Bunker. Only authorized personnel are allowed in, with security checkpoints at all entrances and even a few spread throughout the inside of the area. Regardless of social level, anyone who is an Engineer for the ship is allowed here.

    The Bridge (open)


    This section of the ship is rather small. It is where the ship is essentially flown. The Captain works here, along with his crew. Much like the Bunker, it has heavy security. There is only one entrance, and is guarded around the clock.

    The Economy:

    The economic system of the ship is capitalistic. The currency is called Credits. Every adult and android is given a personal account, and all transactions are digital. Some prefer the simple method of using a keycard as their method of choice for transactions, while others get special tattoos of their digital signature. The most wealthy, or most paranoid, go as far as to require biometric data for all transactions. However you want to make your purchases, there is a way. Except cash.

    Food vouchers are also given to those in need on a monthly basis. These vouchers work similarly to food stamps in real life, and can be used to purchase food and other essential goods, but have no market value for anything other than such items. As expected, residents of level 1 are the primary recipients of these vouchers.

    Now you may be asking yourself, how do I know how much money I have? How do I know if I have enough to buy that cool thing I want? Well, we’re not going to be keeping track of everyone’s wealth. We are trusting the players to play the game according to the character they control. If you are a beggar from level 1, chances are good that you won’t be able to afford that shiny suit of power armor.

    Magic System:

    A human and an android can both use magic, but there are stark differences as to how.

    Mana is the source of magic used in Initium Novum. Mana is naturally generated by humans, but has to be replicated by androids. To be able to replenish mana, you must go into a resting period. A resting period consists of a time where you do not exert yourself. If you rest for one hour you will regain one point. If you want to restore your mana fully, you will have to go into a period of heavy resting. For an android, resting involves essentially recharging at a designated charging station. Mana can be replenished via mana crystals for both humans and androids.

    Mana in this roleplay works on a 10 point system. This is your mana pool, and if a human/android wants to cast a spell, they must deduct points from this pool. The more points you use in one spell, the more powerful it is. Mana crystals can be used to replenish mana points by how much your crystal is worth. If you have full mana when you use a crystal, then the energy from the crystal needs to be expended immediately or it will be lost.

    The different schools of magic are: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Arcane, Light, and Dark. Please take into consideration that you are on a space ship and certain elements are not as powerful or useful as if you were planetside. (I.e. Using Water and Earth would be a very scarce thing to find, though still useable.) These schools of magic can progress into different kinds of magic. If a fire spell uses up enough spell points, the fire spell can turn into lightning. A water spell can turn into ice. An earth spell can turn into metal. An air spell can create a vacuum. Spells that cost more than 7 points are able to reach these higher tiers.

    An example of what spells look like on the point system.

    - 1 point Fire Spell = The ability to light a match or conjure a small flame.

    - 5 point Fire Spell = The ability to summon a fireball

    - 7 point Fire Spell = The ability to change your fire spell into lightning

    - 10 point Fire Spell = The ability to summon a fire storm

    - 15 point Fire Spell = The ability to summon a lightning storm

    The cost of a spell must be mentioned in the post, preferably at the bottom. Mana points will not be referred to in the In Character Post, but rather as simply Mana.

    Humans can naturally tap into any school of magic, as they are natural spell casters. Androids on the other hand are a special breed. Each android has a module, and each module holds one spell type, meaning an android can only cast spells from one school of magic. A module can be changed out, but it is similar to surgery and the android must seek an engineer of some kind to perform the operation. This procedure lasts up to one hour. Attempting to do this operation yourself without prior knowledge or skill will result in the android being unable to cast and repairs need to be made.

    A human who has run out of mana is extremely exhausted, but can function normally otherwise. An android needs to have at least one point of mana to continue to function normally, and if an android hits 0, they are on the verge of shutting down and must find a crystal to replenish their mana, and enter a state of power conservation in which all non-essential functions are restricted, lowering computing power to the point that seeking more energy is the only thing they can think about, normal walking speed is as fast as they can go, and even speech is nearly impossible.

    Mana Crystals: These crystals form naturally in nature, much like any other natural resource. They contain primal mana, and are used for just about everything. In this game, one might view mana as this universe’s answer to electrical power, though it can do much more than electricity. Mana crystals are used to power everything that needs power, including the colony ship itself, making them extremely valuable. Each crystal can only hold a certain number of points worth of mana at maximum. The larger the crystal, the more mana it can hold. Once a crystal has had its energy drained, it can be recharged once again either by other crystals or by a person using their own natural mana to charge it for later use. The use of these crystals is one of the only ways to cast spells beyond the 10 point range. There is theoretically an infinite amount of points that can be put into a single spell. For example, by using all 10 of your own mana points, plus a crystal that holds 5 mana points, you can cast a 15 point spell. Multiple crystals can used for a single spell, but they must be in your possession, and you must be able to make physical contact with them. Obtaining these crystals is extremely difficult, as they are expensive due to their usefulness and rarity. Those from level 4 are the ones who usually have the least trouble obtaining them for personal use.


    Powered by mana crystals, an android is a common sight on the ship. Androids can be as smart or smarter than humans, but they must learn and acquire this knowledge. An android is not 'born' knowing everything an old human would. They are sentient because of a revolutionary program developed on Vitae. They are able to learn and adapt and have true artificial intelligence. There are varying levels of physical traits with each android, but an android who is considered strong, should be one that is slow, and androids that are fast, are fragile and could easily break. All androids are humanoid looking, and can look anything like a typical faceless metal robot, to being indistinguishable from a human, and even humanoid animal variants. An android must have at least 1 point of mana available in order to function properly. Unlike humans who need to sleep regardless of how much mana they have, an android can stay in an active state indefinitely so long as it maintains more than 1 point of mana at all times, using mana crystals to replenish mana points as needed.

    Some androids can change their outer appearance. Those who are made to look human are often made to be able to change the way they look. This usually involves removing the artificial skin and replacing it with a different one, each made to look a different way. The voice can also be changed by tweaking the voice system. This allows, for example, a single android to play multiple different roles in the same movie without the audience noticing.

    Androids are used for a variety of tasks, ranging from helping to run the ship, a nanny, a janitor, a cook, a sex bot, an artist, and or an actor, as well as just about anything in between. Their parts can be changed out, but it would cost the android a lot of Credits, especially if it means changing out a limb.


    Cybernetics: Cybernetics refers to any modification to a human’s body that involves either replacing a body part with a mechanical one, or otherwise enhancing physical attributes with mechanical/magical items.

    The player is free to come up with whatever cybernetic modifications they want, with the exception of anything that affects the mind’s natural functions, i.e. no mods that increase how fast you can think or something like that. If you want the mind of a computer, don’t play a human, because that’s the primary difference between humans and AI.

    For every 1 cybernetic modification a human has, 1 point of mana must be subtracted from their total mana pool. This means if you have a robotic leg, 1 point will be deducted from your total mana pool in order to compensate for the increase in physical abilities. Both legs would count as 2 modifications, not 1 as a pair. Same goes for all other types of modifications. The IC reason for the mana deduction is that it takes mana to power the cybernetics, so 1 point of mana would be used continuously to keep it running.

    However, while deducting 1 point for a modification is sufficient for it to function at a higher-than-the-average-human level, a player can choose to permanently deduct more than 1 point for a single modification and amplify that mod’s power accordingly. This also applies to androids. While an android will be naturally stronger and faster than an average human, and can shift the scale more towards strength or speed without needing to deduct mana points, a player can choose to do so in order to further amplify an android’s physical abilities the same way that a human with cybernetics can. Both humans and androids must have at least 1 point of mana available for use though, so you can’t use all 10 points for modifications.

    These point deductions must be selected at the moment a cybernetic modification is obtained for humans, and remain permanent until that particular mod is removed. Likewise, these deductions must be made at the moment an android is created, and remain permanent until physical changes are made to the character.

    Gadgets: Going over all the tech gagdets that exist in this RP would be futile, as there are far too many to list. Players are encouraged to come up with gadgets themselves. Things like hacking tools, camouflage-field generators, and any other kind of device that one might carry. Keep in mind that all devices that need power to work must either use mana crystals or be charged by the user’s natural mana. The amount of mana needed and how long the power lasts can vary, but most small devices can run for a long time on a single point of mana. The bigger and more powerful the device, the less time you’ll get out of it per point of mana. Try to be smart about this. Don’t be afraid to come up with new stuff. If something doesn’t work, the GM’s will let you know, but don’t get discouraged.

    Weapons: All different types of weapons exist in this universe. Everything from basic melee weapons and modern-era guns, to high tech weaponry of every variety. All weapons that do not use power can be used freely without mana restrictions, like basic ballistic guns and basic blades. But for the advanced stuff, the laser rifles and the plasma swords and all that fun stuff, you need mana just like the gadgets. In terms of guns, like a laser rifle for example, the power of each shot and number of shots is proportional to the amount of mana used. 1 point might get you one 30-round magazine’s worth of ammo to use, but those shots are going to be very basic. Still lethal, but don’t expect to punch through any kind of energy shield. The power used in energy weapons is up to player discretion, but again, be smart about it. If it seems like you’re getting devastating results with hardly any mana, you’ll be asked to tone it down.

    With that said, keep in mind that all weapons are strictly illegal unless you are part of the security/military. There is a black market for weapons, but due to how highly regulated and dangerous it is to have weapons among the citizens on a ship in space, they do not come cheap. The more advanced the weapon, the more expensive and more difficult to find it may be. For example, we would be hard pressed to allow a player to start with a plasma rifle who is not part of the security force. Don’t let this discourage you though. Remember that anyone can use magic, and a blast of arcane energy is a nice substitute for a plasma rifle.


    1.No one liners. Quality over quantity. Please make sure that your posts are not paragraphs of reflection, but actually have your characters react and move the story forward. A post must have some sort of purpose, whether it be character development or story progression. Please also proofread your posts.

    2.Be able to post at least once every couple of days. The pace of this roleplay may pick up as episodes are closing.

    3.Game Masters (GMs) will hijack players who have been inactive or if the scene/plot is slowing down. Please be okay with this, and know that our GMs will be sure to keep a character's personality and actions in mind. If something doesn't work, or you feel like your character wouldn't have done that, let us know and we'll change it. Players will not be able to hijack other players, but this rule may change at a later time.

    4.Don't resolve everything at once. There's no fun in writing a story that's finished with one post. Write out the struggle and make your character work towards that resolution. We will ask you to edit your posts if we feel like you're being too overpowering.

    5.Read other people's posts.

    6.Do not meta-game. This is using player knowledge to influence the outcome of your character and the plots. This is not fair to other players or to the GMs.

    7.We highly, highly encourage players to come up with plots! Please run them by a GM and we'll let you know if it will work with the story.

    8.No loner characters or having a thief or assassin or mercenary as your occupation. For this roleplay to work, players must be willing to interact with each other. You can be a shady person, but if you’re planning to go out of your way to avoid other players as much as possible, then you may want to rethink what a GROUP RP is about.

    9.These types of magics are not allowed: teleportation, mana drain, telepathy, telekinesis, necromancy, extra planar, summoning, voodoo, blood magic, time travel, and pocket dimensions.

    10.Those who play androids must be humanoid, and these androids must be practically sized. Mechs or mouse sized androids are not allowed.

    11.Character profiles must be approved by GMs before you can play. We will approve it through PMs. All character sheets must be completed when they are posted. Work in Progress posts will be deleted. Only one character per player. Players cannot start with having mana crystals.

    12.Have fun! =D

    Character Sheets:








    Cybernetics: (if you have any)

    Starting Mana Pool: (10/10 unless otherwise changed)

    Specialty Skills: (4 is the maximum, these are things that your character specialize in or have worked on their whole life)







    Current List of Characters: (open)

    Lydia - Lead Navigator and Potential Captain of Initium Novum (Lvl 4)

    Tobius Testrial - Maintenance technician -Lvl 2 and 3 (Lvl 2)

    KT317704 (KT) - Military Investigation and Intelligence Assistant (Lvl 3)

    Rowan Ward - Police Officer (Lvl 3)

    Celyn - Military Defense Field Officer (Lvl 3)

    Kriodine - Engineer (Lvl 2)

    Elias Walker - Cynernetic Smith (Lvl 3)

    Dorothy 'Poppley' Ganger - Political Aide (Lvl 4)

    Enforcer Model 85-7b 'Keloran' - Police Officer (Lvl 3)

    Artemis - SWAT Officer (Lvl 3)

    Philip Marlowe - Private Investigator (Lvl 2)

    Concordia - DJ/manager of Club Concord (Entertainment Hub)

    Kallen Kurenai - Engineer (Lvl 4)

    Seth Andrews - Food Court Employee (Lvl 1)

    Diana Scarlette - Government Bodyguard (Lvl 4)

    Eugine Tirploxiflor - First Reconnaissance Planetary Exploration Technology Development (Lvl 3)

    MK12073 "Mark" - Security Defense Engineer (Lvl 3)

    Sarah Glenn - Hover Board Instructor (Lvl 2)

    Florian "Kilo" Riker - Investigative Journalist (Lvl 4)

    Bryan Schwartz - Ace in 52, leader of gambling operation (Entertainment Hub)

    Rachel Jones official, prefferably RJ - Mechanical Engineer (Lvl 2)

    Franklin "Frank" Logan Jameson - Drug Smuggler (Lvl 2)

    Henry Rumsburn - Pilot (Lvl 3)

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  2. Captain Xavier Reeth
    Age: 60
    Occupation: Ship Captain
    Councilwoman Nira Hadiya
    Age: 38
    Occupation: Council Representative of Education
    Councilman Donald Brian
    Age: 48
    Occupation: Council Representative of Entertainment

    Councilman Byron Erstin
    Age: 63
    Occupation: Council Representative of Health and Medicine
    Councilman Carter Davis
    Age: 31
    Occupation: Council Representative of Security and Military
    Councilwoman Vanessa Richardson
    Age: 36
    Occupation: Council Representative of Engineering
    Councilman Mark Richards
    Age: 32
    Occupation: Council Representative of Extraction
    Councilman Craig Newcomb
    Age: 59
    Occupation: Council Representative of Economics

    Councilman David Anderson:
    Age: 32
    Occupation: Council Representative of Food and Water
    Councilwoman Rose Belwood
    Age: 25
    Occupation: Council Representative of Level 1
    Councilwoman Sofia Aya
    Age: 102
    Occupation: Council Representative of Level 2
    Councilwoman Daiyu Fa
    Age: 32
    Occupation: Council Representative of Level 3
    Councilwoman Melina Highwind
    Age: 35
    Occupation: Council Representative of Level 4

  3. Lydia 815-165 — Initium Novum Navigator, crimson
    Name: Lydia / 815-165

    Age: 163

    Human/Android: Android

    Appearance: In her typical state, Lydia appears as shown. She is capable of changing her appearance, however.

    Occupation: Intium Novum Lead Navigator

    Level: 4

    Starting Mana Pool: 10

    Specialty Skills:
    Navigator - After decades of studying starmaps, Lydia has developed a near-perfect ability to recall places she has been, and learns new areas very easily.

    Speed, Not Strength - When in danger, Lydia relies on her agility, dexterity and wit rather than on brute force.

    Social Chameleon - Able to change her appearance, Lydia has the additional knowledge of how to "fit in" to most social situations so as not to be discovered.

    Enchanting Demeanor - Lydia carries herself with a subtle sensuality, and is keen to pick up cues in body language or vocal intonation that denote an individual's mood. She can adjust her own actions accordingly based on what the situation requires.


    D&K Black Karambit Knife (carried concealed).
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  4. Name: Tobius Tetrial

    Age: 27

    Human/Android: Human


    Occupation: Maintenance technician, primarily working in the areas between the 2nd and 3rd level.
    Level: 2

    Cybernetics: None

    Starting Mana Pool: (10/10 )

    Specialty Skills:

    Hidden Patriot
    There are two sides of a person in the most basic sense, the side that smiles at a strangers face, and the side that laughs behind their back. Tobius happens to have 2 very different sides. On the outside he is an uncaring grumpy maintenance worker, whose only concern is that double shift he will have to work that day. in reality he is a firm believer in the unjust nature of their social classes, willing to do what is needed to try to undo this social crime.

    Black Market Ties You can get whatever you want if you have the money, and more importantly, if you know the right people.

    Mind Over Matter There are many paths to get what you want, Tobius knows how to use them. Stealth, subterfuge, barter, anything a "fight."

    Ferocious Outburst
    Like any animal, push them into a corner and they will fight for their lives. Though Tobius is not the strongest fighter, he is highly skilled in the manipulation of fire and the arcane.

    2 Fire bombs with a remote activation. (The remote is a ring. Spend a point of mana and touch the ring to activate bomb. 1 mana for each bomb.) (Hidden, not on person)

    Fox Mask (Hidden)
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  5. KT317704, #EE7600

    Name: KT317704 (Nick: KT (Kay-Tee))

    Age: 3 Months

    Human/Android: Andriod

    Occupation: Military Investigation and Intelligence Assistant

    Level: Level 3

    Information Profiling Memory Bank (Keeps a list of people, their achievements and important notes on character and anything else of importance)
    Infared Eye sensory function (Can see in the dark)
    Hearing Aid (Enhanced hearing, 15 meter radius)
    Reinforced Plating (Increases hits that can be taken)

    Starting Mana Pool: 6

    Specialty Skills:

    Mimicry (KT is able to mimic actions that she sees and hears that are stored into her memory banks.)

    Developing Intelligence (Processes and Manipulates it's understanding of information to carry out tasks to a further extent than mimicry.)

    The Half Truth (KT is apt at making people believe her when lying)

    Faults in the System (Is able to identify a problem and compare it to the history and outcome of a previous danger that might have arisen and collates how to overcome that problem.)

    Projector Computer Pen

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  6. Rowan Ward - Level 3 Security Officer, #C8B9A6
    Name: Rowan Ward

    Age: 29

    Human/Android: Human

    Occupation: Police Officer

    Level: 3


    -Cyber-optics 2 (1 Telescopic sight, 1 Infrared)
    -Robotic arm 3 (2 Base, 1 Grappling hand)
    -Subdermal plating 2

    Starting Mana Pool: 3/10

    Specialty Skills:

    Back-Alley Brawler - Years of running with the wrong crowd in her youth have influenced a fighting style that focuses mainly on heavy-hitting and cheap shots.

    Thick Skinned - Rowan can take a jab in the metaphorical and literal sense, tough both inside and out.

    Friends in Low Places - Certain hobbies tend to lead her to the lower districts now and then, where she's found allies in a few unsavory characters over time.

    Perceptive - It's hard to sneak past or pull one over on her, thanks to keen senses and what she'd call a bullshit detector.


    -Standard Issue Pistol (Worn at the hip)
    -Non-Standard Laser Pistol (Other hip)
    -Commlink (For police transmissions)
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  7. Inactive (open)
    Name: Celyn "K" Carrington
    (Celyn is pronounced to rhyme like Helen, but with a hard C - 'Kelen')

    Age: 25

    Human/Android: Human

    Appearance: Long reddish brown hair (reaches her shoulders) that is often tied back into a bun or ponytail during work. Pale green eyes. She has a faint red scar across her right eye (her eyebrow and down her cheekbone, not on her actual eye). Relatively tall, muscled physique. Fair complexion. Has an arm tattoo including her digital signature (right arm) and a tattoo of wings across her back (usually hidden).
    Image (open)


    Occupation: Military Defense Field Officer
    (will clarify this if/when a military system is put into place. Just lemme know)

    Level: 3

    Spine partial replacement/support - After injuring her spine when she was 19/20 years old, Celyn received a cybernetic spine implants after doctors found the damage to her spine to be irreparable. Rather than become paralyzed, she received implants and supports that allowed her spine to function as it normally would, possibly even better, although it comes with the disadvantage of losing bodily control when damaged- it is her spine, so when/if it is damaged, it can cause partial if not total dis-function in related body parts.

    Starting Mana Pool: 9/9

    Specialty Skills: (4 is the maximum, these are things that your character specialize in or have worked on their whole life)

    1. Great Shot - Celyn is acclaimed for her accuracy and ability with most weapon. Even without cybernetics, her eyesight is exceptional- many have joked that if she were to receive one, she would be able to see across the universe.

    2. Charming - Celyn has a charm or allure about her. Although more of a physical thing, she can be quite the charismatic host.

    3. Athletic - Having trained her entire life, Celyn is rather athletic, and is adept with gymnastics, agility, and moderate weights. She has great vitality and endurance.

    4. Composed/Logical - Celyn has a cool mind and can think logically through difficult situations.


    Military-grade energy shield (equipped as a bracelet, press a button to activate the shield. One-three points mana, depending on radius)
    Military-grade basic energy pistol (Packs a harder punch than normal pistols, uses normal bullets but can be loaded with energy-shield piercing bullets- she currently has none. Hidden on person)
    Switchblade (hidden)
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  8. PSA: Because Zen was extremely tired last night she forgot to put one very important rule.

    Players are not allowed to start off with their own mana crystals. Mana crystals will be used to reward players/characters for doing a good job in the roleplay or completing a quest. Please remove them from your inventory and I profusely apologize for the inconvenience.
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  9. Kriodine, space.jpg

    Age: 24

    Human/Android: Android

    Occupation: Engineer


    Cybernetics: none

    Starting Mana Pool: 10

    Specialty Skills:

    1. Mechanical engineer, Kriodine is an extremely adept engineer and is able to fix most mechanical objects.

    2.Reverse engineering, Kriodine can understand almost any object by reverse engineering it.

    3.Inventor, Kriodine has a knack for inventing gadgets and gizmos

    Inventory: three mechanical assistant droids, two of which are used to carry his tools and another that acts as a secretary.

    A fusion staff that works as a multitool that runs off magic.
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  10. Name
    Elias Walker



    Cybernetic Smith

    Level: 3


    Starting Mana Pool

    Specialty Skills
    Cybernetic Engineer: Elias knows almost all you need to know about cybernetics. He can build cybernetic devices and perform maintence on them as well.

    Medic/Surgeon: Installing cybernetics often involves surgery, and Elias' job involves installation of these devices. He is as skilled with the scalpel as he is skilled with the soldering iron.

    Connections: Because he is consistently contracted by both the military and the police on the ship, Elias has made quite a few connections that grant him a few more perks than the average "Level 3" citizen.​

    Steady Hands: Sometimes the surgeries that must be performed to install cybernetic devices are very dangerous, and through the life or death mistakes that he has made, Elias has developed a near perfectly steadied hand.​

    Personal Defense Revolver: Elias carries a basic revolver. He hasn't had to use it yet, but he carries it just in case things get a little fiery for him.

    Scalpel: Although it is a basic tool of surgery, Elias insists that he carries one with him at all times. He tends to use this as another tool of defense, and unlike his firearm, he has used it on others before as a tool of defense.

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  11. Protean-002: Dorothy, turquoise
    Name: Dorothy 'Poppley' Ganger

    Age: 17

    Human/Android: Android

    Occupation: Political Aide

    Level: 4

    Nanomites (8) - 270 pounds of mimetic polyalloy synchronized to a bare, featureless metal chassis. The Protean line were the pioneer models for integrated nanotechnology; espionage made impeccable.

    They were also the last.

    Near-perfect shapeshifters able to pass even metal detector tests, limited only by chassis size, weight and adopted sexual identity. Efficient brute-force nano hackers, excellent security infiltrators, and quick to reform and regenerate; difficult to hurt, even harder to kill. As a collective entity, the Nanomites themselves possess intelligence that straddles the ground between a bloodhound and primitive AI. In tune with the Protean, they react, they adapt, and they send perception via short-range infrasense.

    Extremely resistant to high temperatures and high voltages; a protean's definitive melting point is plasma. Slowed down, reverted and made brittle by freezing temperatures. Exposure to intense Arcane magic, even indirectly, can cause glitching and even reversion. Nanomites are a finite and very elusive resource. Short of hunting down and cannibalizing another of her near-extinct protean sister models, any part of her she loses is irreplaceable.

    Starting Mana Pool: 2

    Specialty Skills:
    Clerical bullshit - She's an excellent political aide, with all the skills and knowledge that entails.

    Smash or run - Usually 5 feet tall. Always 330 pounds. Where people expect speed from the petite lass, she offers disproportionate strength. She's not much of a technical fighter, but she rarely needs to be. She can shed her nanomites up to a maximum of 200 pounds, trading strength, protection and all-around durability for a measure of her chasiss' natural speed and flexibility.

    Domo arigato - Dorothy has an intimate knowledge of the official model lines throughout the ship's history, and some of the off-the-record ones too.

    Mudkip - Dorothy knows a thing or two or three about sociology and the human mind. She's no great seductress, but she is a talker.


    Nanomite containment case (empty)

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  12. Keloran 7b - Level 3 Security Officer, cadetblue

    Name: Enforcer Model 85-7b 'Keloran'

    Age: 57

    Human/Android: Android

    Appearance: Can vary, depending on his equipment, but shown is his base form without all the bells and whistles.

    Occupation: Police Officer

    Level: 3


    • Enforcer Framework: (1) Built into his frame are inputs that allow him to interface with his extra attachments, controlling the various utilities as if they were another limb on his body.
    • Reticle Scanner: (1) His visor can appraise targeted individuals, biological or otherwise, revealing weak points, energy sources, and etcetera. It takes a few seconds of uninterrupted visual contact to complete the scan, however.
    Starting Mana Pool: 8/8

    Specialty Skills:

    • Law Enforcement Cheetah: Designed to be a policeman from the ground up, Keloran has a very complete understanding of Vitaen(?) society and its various laws, down to every little specific rule for every local sector on every level.
    • Indomitable: While his AI is just as susceptible to emotion as any other advanced android would be, he can still keep a remarkably cool head in the most chaotic of circumstances.
    • Bad Cop: He knows how to put the screws to people, get them to talk when he wants to. Sometimes with less than savory methods.
    • Tech Junkie: Keloran is always on the lookout for new gadgets, particularly ones built to integrate with his particular model. What could be considered a pretty normal hobby (particularly for androids) is something he takes to another level altogether, familiarizing himself with every kind of gizmo there ever was, old and new.

    The Enforcer Model 85 was designed with versatility in mind, able to switch loadouts on the fly depending on the situation it's called for.

    Currently equipped modules:
    • Wrist-mounted taser. (Mana cost: 1)
    • Shoulder-mounted noise cannon. Fires focused sound waves to disorient enemies. (Mana cost: 1)
    • Rocket boots. Allows for a burst in jump height. (Mana cost: 1)
    -Modified Nullifier Rifle (pictured above). Fires low range pulse that stuns targets. (Mana cost: 1) Can be overcharged for more fatal effects, at the cost of more mana consumption with a downside of increased instability the higher the charge.
    -Commlink (for police transmissions)
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  13. Name: Artemis/ MAI (Military Artificial Intelligence) 0023

    Age: 58

    Human/Android: Andriod



    Occupation: SWAT Officer

    Level: 3

    Cybernetics: None

    Starting Mana Pool: 10/10

    Specialty Skills: (4 is the maximum, these are things that your character specialize in or have worked on their whole life)

    1. SWAT Armor: Artemis is built to with stand a lot of gun fire. This is thanks to his well armored SWAT chassis.

    2. Fire Resistant: Artemis is made of a metal that does not heat up quickly.

    3. Unwavering Will: Artemis has perfect knowledge of all the laws on the ship, and cannot be persuaded once a decision has been made regarding whether someone has broken a law.

    4. Omega Firewall: Equipped with one of the most advanced firewalls the Initium Novum has to offer, Artemis is near un-hackable.

    PXR- Riot Shot Gun: This shot gun fires electrically charged bullets allowing for faster speed and heavier impact. (2 points = 8 Shells)

    AVR Smart Gun: A standard issue police hand gun with sensors in the grip that are calibrated to the officers hand and how much pressure he or she puts on the grip. This method lets only the officer fire the weapon. (16 bullet clip)

    Stun Gun: A basic tazer that fires two small barbed rods and sends an electric current to the rods through a pair of wires. (1 point = 3 charges)
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  14. Inactive (open)
    Philip Marlowe: Dick for Hire, #4BA5E4

    Name: Philip Marlowe

    Age: 37

    Human/Android: Human

    Occupation: Private Investigator

    Level: 2

    Cybernetics: Cybernetic eye with basic information database (name, age, level, and criminal record if applicable)

    Starting Mana Pool: 9/10

    Specialty Skills:

    -Nose to the Ground No one's ever been able to knock Phil's ability to track down a mark, as his gut instinct and his tendency to follow the right clues is spot on​

    -Call It Like I See It With an eye for bluffs and lies, not only is Phil able to see through most criminals - and more often, cheating husbands - in a heartbeat, he's also a bitch to play poker with​

    -Old Fashioned Though for some things, he relies on it as much as anyone, Phil tends to distrust technology, and he has a knack for doing things without it, at a quicker pace than anyone else used to relying on things like calculators and search engines would be able to​

    -Face in the Crowd Even with such a noticeable piece of cybernetics, Phil excels at not being seen, allowing him to track the people he's paid to keep an eye on​

    -Magnifying glass
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  15. PSA: We're seeing a lot of security and military affiliated characters, and seeing less of the everyday occupations. While we're fine with these kinds of characters, and we have plots that will fit you guys in nicely, we'd also like to see different occupations. Some examples are a news reporter, a politician, a nurse/doctor, someone who builds androids, a lawyer, a scientist, a farmer, etc. Be creative and know that the GMs will include you in the story.

    We won't bar people from making these characters, but we'd like to see some variety so our plots don't have to so military heavy.
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  16. Name: Concordia (model #: UEH-m513)

    Age: 2

    Human/Android: Android

    Appearance: as picture, the wires attach her to the Club.

    Occupation: DJ/manager of Club Concord

    Level: Entertainment Hub

    Starting Mana Pool: 10/10

    Specialty Skills:
    1. Trend analysis - high speed processing capabilities which gather and analyze the latest music trends of people's personal music downloads to maximize the number of people enjoying her set-list.

    2. Hyper awareness - Concordia is physically attached to the club to have optimal control over all environment aspects to ensure everyone is comfortable. To do this, she also has a top-of-the-line vitals scanner and can process in real-time.

    3. The Science of Music - Concordia is capable of producing tracks of her own using internal software for when the trends lull and the audience wants something new. She can do this extremely quickly, and has access to infinite samples in an internal library.

    4. Mobile Downgrade - she can disconnect herself from the club during periods of maintenance and downtime. Her processing power is greatly decreased in this mode, but it grants her movement and some semblance of freedom.

    Inventory: A PA/media droid which holds some extra databases for her and helps archive data she produces/analyses. (like this but without legs and with a hover board (and more purple) ->)
  17. May as well drop in on this, seems fun enough to try out, and to @UltimaCircuit and @Eternalfire61 I apologize for possibly contributing to Overture's first downhill drop in interest a while back :S

    If there's any questions, feel free to ask me if there's anything I need to fix/explain or whatever is needed. :)

    Kallen Kurenai, Crimson
    Name: Kallen Kurenai

    Age: 24

    Human/Android: Human

    Appearance: As is in the photo, her left eye is also cybernetic. Crimson red hair instead of black and the green lights are instead orange and doesn't fume out. Hair is a bit longer in the back for a fuller, more actual ponytail.

    Occupation: Engineer - Android/cybernetic/tools modifications and repairs/etc.

    Level: 4

    Entire left arm (-3 mana)
    - )1 Naturally, her arm strength is extraordinary comparatively to a normal human arm, but the quality and precision of the build allows her full control over how much to exert. 2) Dexterity - Or rather, it'll allow her to make precision adjustments, repairs, or whatever her work needed to be done with that hand, 95% of the time being something to do with engineering in any fashion she's accustomed to. 3) Multi-tool - Through her own experimentation along with features it had on its own, it has a few tools within its structure that she can use that can replace a finger or two, or even her entire hand for the necessary procedure. She constantly adjusts, changes and fixes these tools as she sees fit for the job, more or less making the arm more of her own than a replacement each time.
    Left eye (-3 mana) - Still looks like an ordinary eye, minus the pupil. While still red, a closer look will show its mechanical side as it operates in motion. Improves vision, zoom functionality, basic scanning, focus and allows nightvision.​

    Starting Mana Pool: 4/4

    Specialty Skills:

    1. Anything Tech, She's your woman || Extensive knowledge with her fields of engineering, guaranteeing quality repairs or adjustments for her clients.

    2. Why yes, I am a Doctor.. Of Science! || Having the needs to work with both androids and humans efficiently - cybernetics involved almost always with the latter, she knows the anatomy of both human and android... And isn't afraid to be blunt about it.

    3. Favors to pull, friends to gain || Through her work, she's found a few connections, some unsavory than not, from her clients. Some owe favors, some are just grateful, either way, if she needs something, she has people waiting for a call.

    4. Face it, you like tomboys || Despite her profession and cybernetics, she still bears a rough personality and a well-toned body. Of one thing besides brains, she thanked her mom for beauty and learned how to use it. If she needs something, charm and flirting couldn't hurt to help socialize.​

    Inventory: A toolset she keeps with her, most of them that have been trusty to her for years reside on a toolbelt she constantly wears. Always has atleast one full pack of gum with her, either watermelon flavored or spearmint. Her licenses for her travel and work needs. An extra pair of black, fingerless gloves with a red stripe lining both sides of the wrist.

    And lastly, a hovering little assistant droid she keeps around her often, named Flint. About the size of an ordinary person's head. She treats it both as her work partner and as a pet/friend.

    Note: For fun, Flint sounds like R2-D2.
    Flint (open)
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  18. Name: Seth Andrews

    Age: 17

    Human/Android: Human

    Show Spoiler

    Occupation: Food Court Employee

    Level: 1

    Cybernetics: None

    Starting Mana: 10

    Specialized skills:

    1. Thievery - Since his father's death and his mother's illness, Seth has had to steal to provide for his mother and sister. Stealing has become second nature to him.

    2. The lay of the slums - Seth knows every nook and cranny of level one making it easy to escape and hide when needed.

    3. Brawler - Seth will fight for his family and what he needs to provide for them. Doing so for as long as he has, has made him an excellent fighter.


    Photo: a family photo, the last one taken before his father's death.

    Handheld toolkit: handy dandy lock pick, knife and flashlight. Seth made it himself.
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  19. Inactive (open)
    Diana Scarlette, #4d4dff

    Name: Diana Scarlette

    Age: 29

    Human/Android: Human

    Occupation: Ex - Military Intelligence Agent | Current: Government Bodyguard (Level 4/Melina Highwind)

    Level: 4

    Cybernetics: She is cybernetically enhanced with cybernetic visual implants with functions that include biorhythm detection,, night vision, heat detection/vision and telescopic vision. Though it is only implemented in her right side/eye (see image to the right). She can also find fragments, materials, or anything like that. It can analyze her surroundings and tell her what she is looking at. It is connected to the information grid provided by the Government and her own contacts, which would essentially show her a profile of any person she looks up using her enhancement, as long as they're in the system. It can also provide her with schematics/blueprints of her surroundings.

    Starting Mana Pool: 5/5

    Specialty Skills:

    1. Up Close - She can utilize her flexibility and talent in close combat to fend of her opponents. She is very fluent in it and is perceptive to the situation at hand. She can use most of the tools around her surroundings if it fits her criteria. She is an expert with blades, knives or anything similar to that.

    2. I Can See It - Photographic Memory: Born with it, she is able to remember most of what she can with images through her mind. It is quite helpful during situations that requires further investigation or anything similar to that. Sense of smell, taste, sound can help amplify it.

    3. No Fun Without Guns - She is quite knowledgeable when it comes to various of weapons. She is able to use and understand anything quite fast that falls under the same category.

    4. With Finesse Comes Speed - She can act quite fast in ufortunate or unexpected predicaments. It allows her to move with agility as realistically possible. It may even help move around anything thats diffucult to go around.


    1. Glock 35 (Handgun) - Holstered around her waist, by her right hip.
    2. Combat Knife
    Diana Scarlette, #4d4dff
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  20. Name: Eugine Tirploxiflor

    "Oh come on guys, it's not that hard to pronounce. Tri-plox-floor... Can you stop laughing now?"

    Age: 24

    Human/Android: Human

    Show Spoiler

    Occupation: First Reconnaissance Planetary Exploration Technology Development (This would range from weapons expected to work in various conditions, to mapping and exploration technology.)

    Level: 3

    Cybernetics: None

    Starting Mana Pool: 10/10

    Specialty Skills:

    1. For Great SCIENCE! Eugine is both considered a genius, and also a health hazard to anyone who works in his laboratory. His inventions are often both revolutionary, and explosive, and it's a miracle he hasn't lost a limb yet.

    2. A Mind Built For Computers. Eugine is very adept at all sorts of technical wizardry, and even reverse engineering involving computers. He would be the man to go to for the reproduction of a computer without the original blueprints.

    3. Always Stare At Explosions. Part of his machine's tendency to explode may come from his love of explosions, and occasional use of explosives on planets, always giving him a special gleam in his eyes like those fireworks would cause.

    4. "I dont have time for exercise, there's SCIENCE to be done!" As a result of putting his brain before his body his entire life, Eugine would be considered weak by nearly anyones standards, usually using the Laboratory Automated Robotic Assistance (L.A.R.A.) for anything heavier than lifting a normal sized desktop computer.


    "SCIENCE" suit (a modified Interplanetary Systematic Exploration Suit)(Mana Cost: 3): Eugine's own ISES suit, often without it's helmet (pictured above), has been modified in a few ways. By weakening the built-in armor and turning it into a shell, he has transformed one armguard into a holographic interface on his wrist. This computer has measurement and some analysis capabilities, along with the same functions of a basic phone. On the shoulder is a mounted camera, capable of recording in 2400p for a period of one week, the camera also has infrared, electrical, and RADS(Radioactivity Assessment Display System) functionality.

    This jumpsuit comes in orange with a white stripe, and a full view frontal faceplate. The standard issue backpack and life support system often carries tools for repair and building in the field, with a few replacement parts for FLI.

    F.L.I. (Flying Laboratory Intelligence)(Mana Cost: 1) A flying creation that was the prototype for the most recent line of UPE's (Unmanned Planetary Explorers). This one lacks the advanced mapping and environmental assessment abilities of the later versions, and is a lot rougher around the edges, with many replacement parts and addons. It has a variety of tools ranging from a automatic drill with replaceable bits for various tasks (that it can replace and cycle through itself), to a welder. It is Eugine's (usually) only lab assistant. It has a onboard AI, but can only communicate through beeps and similar noises, without much personality, but basic emotional functionality. The attachment on Eugine's upper right arm on his suit is it's charging and storage platform.

    Eugine's Tablet(Mana Cost: 2): A tablet Eugine uses for on the fly calculations, measurements, blueprinting and diagrams. It's only slightly modified for increased processing power and case reinforcements, as it needs to be able to survive a drop or two. It has basic tablet functionality besides that.

    Eugine's Glasses(Mana Cost: 1): A pair of glasses fitted with a projector linked into his suit's camera and wristguard, allowing him to view the wristguard's screen and projection on it, or the camera's feed, not both at once however. This also allows him to select options on the wristguard, though this is much slower. As a result though, they are quite clunky, and he does have difficulty seeing without them.
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