Infomercials make me Laugh

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  1. I must admit, I enjoy watching infomercials that advertise items that are supposed to make life easier. They often show before and after clips, the first clip being of a person attempting to do something without the item, then a clip of the person using the item. So I flipped the channel, and started laughing. It was a commercial for a special no tangle brush that is supposed to make brushing your hair easier. So it showed a clip of someone trying to brush their hair with a regular brush, and the scene seemed so funny to me at the time. The woman was frowning, sighing, huffing, and practically beating up her head with the brush. She was grimacing and growling and making a pretty good impression of the wicked witch on a bad hair day, and just the way she kept on yanking at her hair with the poor defenseless brush....well, I was on the floor laughing. I don't know why, but the sight of someone having so many technical difficulties with a brush just made me crack a grin. Then the clip changed to a scene of a girl combing her hair with the special brush, and she was smiling and laughing and touching her hair and combing it, apparently enthralled and delighted by the brush. It was like she couldn't lift it from her head or something, and then I started to imagine her walking around with a brush stuck to the side of her head, and again, it made me guffaw.

    Not even I have that much problems with a brush. (Although I have broken a record for breaking combs with my hair.) Honestly, I hope people continue advertising their products by showing people having difficulties without said product, because those commercials honestly improve the day for me somehow. So did you smile when imagining the commercial? Did you grin? Did the corners of your mouth twitch slightly? If so, then welcome to the club of laughing at people beating their heads up with a brush.. If not, then you simply take infomercials seriously, something that I am unable to do.
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  2. I have not yet understood the meaning of a blank post, so excuse me for this, but, "Huh?"