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  1. Hello, fellow RPers, in honor of my 1 year Iwaku anniversary tomorrow, I am starting my own, 1x1 partner request! Now, before I say my ideas I want to lay down some rules: I do not, I repeat, I do not do liberteen. Romance is alright but I prefer to fade to black. I also don't really do horror since I'm kinda new and don't really like it but Im always open for new idea, so, feel free to hit me an idea, Oh, last thing. I do my 1x1s via PM, that way, I don't miss any alerts ;-)


    Hello, I'm Infinatis, I'm pretty new to RPing, as stated, tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary of RPing! I love all sorts of stuff. Gravity Falls, Minecraft, Zelda, Attack on Titan, Supernatural, etc. I do alot of fantasy and modern fantasy. I'm a real fan of dragons, elves, fairies, you name it! I love crossovers aswell. Oh and, I'm a big sci-fi fan aswell. I live in EST and I'm generally on a fair amount of time.


    This list will continue growing but here are some right off the bat

    -Gravity Falls and Supernatural Crossover.
    Mind you, I remember a bit of the later seasons but I'm restarting supernatural. I stopped around season six after a friend spoiled it for me D:< but now I'm around season 1, episode 11 but I am up to date with all of the Gravity Falls episode. My idea is that maybe Sam and Dean come across Gravity Falls when looking for a job. This could be before the Leviathans and after Castiel started to help them but its a sort of relaxed job. Then they meet Dipper, Mabel, Stan and the gang. Maybe they'll hunt gnomes, or the gobblewonker, or even... THE MULTI-BEAR! dun dun dun...

    -Regular Gravity Falls adventure
    Just your average adventure with Dipper, Mabel and the gang. Maybe add some lore, meet a new character, anything can happen in Gravity Falls

    -Average Supernatural Adventue
    Just yer average hunting job. Could be any season 1-5

    -Minecraft Journey
    Two people wake up with no memory of their past lives. They wake up in a forest. They wake up with great strength and have to build shelter to survivde the night and try to figure out what brang them here.

    Thats about it for now ;-)
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  2. OMFG MINECRAFT me? pwease?
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  3. I'll hit you up with a PM later. Im a bit busy.

    I'm surprised someone responded to my partner request with the hour xD
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