Infinite Stratos, Anybody?

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  1. Infinite Stratos: The technology that changed the face of warfare as humanity knew it.
    In the near future, Japanese scientists have developed a powered exoskeleton, called the "IS" (Infinite Stratos). These suits were quickly proven to be far powerful than any weapon in history - naturally, the world was put at risk. So the distribution of IS units was made to be equal all over the world. But there was still one catch.
    The units could only be piloted by women.

    For years, this was the case - it had gotten to the point where it was commonly accepted that a war of the sexes wouldn't last a week. Even with the upset caused by the only male IS pilot in history, Orimura Ichika, society remained largely unaffected. Until the world-renowned genius Terrence Clark, with his team of scientists and engineers, emerged from their years of apparent inactivity.

    Clark and his team presented to the world their new technology - "IA Units." Infinite Atmos Units.
    Terrence and his team had not only managed to create powered suits of armour, but they were the team's own creation. No reverse-engineering of the IS units, no espionage, no hacking, nothing. The clincher? The armour could match an IS unit, spec-for-spec. And as they could be piloted by anybody, the world soon saw that the face of warfare would change once again.

    You will play an IS pilot, enrolled in the IS academy. Five new students have also enrolled - IA pilots. In an attempt to ease tensions, IA and IS pilots are being made to work with each other, so that they can get used to each others' presence. It's not all robo-suits and skin-tight one-pieces. Politics will be the least of anybody's concern. And World War 3 would just be the beginning. The course of history hangs in the balance, and as an IS pilot, it's your duty to play a part in it.


    So yeah, I'm looking for somebody to play with me. You'd be an IS pilot, I'd be an IA pilot. There'd be traditional fighting, politics and backstabbing, personal issues, and other stuff. Shoot me a PM if interested.
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Thread Status:
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