INTEREST CHECK Infected: Survival

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  1. Scientists thought it would make their armies stronger if they infected them with this virus. It turned, making problems. Humans turned into these...these....things. We call them the infected. They were fast, paranormal fast. Their skin was bloodied. It they entered your blood through a scratch, even a papercut, your infected. The infection is slow. It starts at the sight of contact. Your skin turns red, becoming itchy. The infection is reversable, but only with the cure, lost in time. It takes 4 days for the infection to set. Now these...these infected, they aren't looking for brains, ore blood. They want to kill. They want to hurt. They want to destroy. There are few who the infection bonds to their DNA, making them the supernatural soldiers the scientists where originally looking for. The first person who the virus enhanced ran. Several others followed. The last one, a male scientist, stayed. He now leads this army of infected, wanting rule over the world. Those who ran, he searches for, wanting them. Once he catches them, he devours them whole. They make him stronger. On animals, the infection has mutated them. They've grown wings, they've grown fangs. You never know what you might run into next. The animals, we call them creatures. They still have their brains, so they aren't like the infected. They're smarter than that. The survivors fight to live, to find others like them. Those who ran, well, they try and help, but they don't like groups.

    So, that's the beginning. What do you all think? I'm hoping to get at least 3 people before starting. I'll post the actual rp when I get 3 people. Thanks!