Indra vs verethragna

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  1. Who is stronger of these two the Hindu god Indra or Persian god verethragna
  2. Any reason in particular you're asking?
  3. I'm working on an idea and these two war God's are a part of it

    These two God's in mythology share ties through a certain scripture !

    And it got me really wondering who was more powerful both have performed feats of great power but comparing them who is stronger

    So I wanted to breakdown of their power and abilities to decide on the stronger one
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  4. Sounds cool. I know some stuff about Indra but I'm not as well-versed as I'd like to be.

    Though I'm kinda pleased ^_^ Not too many people I've found take interest in Indian mythology!
  5. Hey, mythology nerd here. Gonna just be flat with you, this kind of question is really... poor. Obviously the daeva deev asura ahura rivalry would have the hometown saying their one is the one who is the victor but when it comes to cosmic things it's like ??????? the winner is who you want to be the winner.

    It's like asking 'who would win in a fight, Thor, Zeus, Ba'al, Tinia, or Teshub?' in that the answer is 'big shrug plus doesn't matter just tell a cool story'.

    That said, Indra is defeated within his own pantheon's texts ( supplanted, at the very least, iirc ) while Zoroastrian texts don't hold Vram as ever really losing? So by that metric, I guess Vram wins but that's a terrible metric lmao.
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