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  1. Well, here we go again. Name's Penultimate Pi, but you can call me Pen or Pi, or whatever. Yes, it's a nerdy name, and no, I'd rather not change it because it's consistent with most other accounts on other sites. But that's neither here nor there...

    I seem to be one of the many joining this site as a main alternative to Roleplayerguild, which recently happened upon an inexplicable closure. I have plenty of experience with roleplays in forum, chat, and tabletop environments, so I'm no stranger here, I hope.
  2. Hey there @Penultimate Pi and welcome to Iwaku! I trust your stay here, however long or brief, shall be an enjoyable one.

    You are likely farthest from the only one whose come here seeking refuge after Roleplayerguild shut down. Truth be told, I once frequented RPGuild but under another moniker (my names are many, and often change on a whim) but that's besides the point here.

    Anyway, welcome again. Don't forget to peep the FAQ and rules, and most importantly, have fun. When you've settled in, consider popping into the chatbox sometime and saying hello. Of course, this is near the downtime of the server where most of our members are in bed or out in that fairytale everyone keeps mentioning as "real life."

    If you still have questions, or you just want to pass the time, feel free to PM me whenever you please.
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  3. Ooh! A fellow RPGer. Welcome :3 I hope you enjoy your time here, I certainly am.
  4. Howdy Pi! WHose name makes me life because we have a cat named Pie. >>;;

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  5. Yay, another person from the Guild!

    Welcome, hope you enjoy the community here. It's quite wonderful, I do say. :)

    I was Mythical Nica back on the Guild as well, so yeah. Haha.
  6. More fellow immigrants!

    Me and my friends got here just yesterday, from the MCF.

    Nice to meet you.
  7. ah, another guild immigrant, I bid thee welcome ^_^, you will find there are many others like us here.