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  1. Hey there all of you I've a plot to propose but I'm not going into character descriptions mainly because it ruins the spice.
    Usually I propose a plot and I discuss over PM the character notes/summaries and the like before going to the actual thing. Ok, so now that I've settled this I'll get to the point.

    I've been craving an incest RP for quite a long time, all characters should be 18+ in my opinion and there should be a little bit of everything included in it.

    Plot goes like this :
    (Note : As I leave my RP partners the choice of choosing their own characters and building up their notes, my character will be referenced as 'my' and your character will be mentioned as 'yours')

    Plot outline:

    My character has just turned eighteen and she is the youngest girl in the family. She lives in a wealthy, classy and proud family and has an older brother of twenty who at first used to get on well with my character but then things became blurry between them and they used to argue have issues even fight at times. In truth, he always tormented her because of the not-so-brotherly attraction he felt for her.
    My character also attends a prestigious school where she is expected to terminate her studies to continue family tradition. That of becoming a lawyer.

    My character then gets even more annoyed when her family ( being the wealthy and arrogant people they are) decide to affiance her to a controlling and cruel man for convenience, so as to keep the family money in check. She does not know what horrible secrets he holds though, and what he would do with her, once she actually does end up as his.

    Added with all this, her brother becomes concerned at her sudden withdrawal and colder attitude and thinks it is amusing for some reason to torment her
    and provoke her. This is all when he sees this supposed 'fiancé' and her together that he feels a sudden spark of jealousy for the seemingly disgusting man and also notices that overall his sister was more beautiful than he initially thought and starts to lust after her more strongly than before. He resolves to make himself look better in her eyes, in a sense that he wanted her to trust him more, to make her open up to him in
    some way but also be able to 'control 'her at the same time showing her the lust he has towards her.
    The two go down a very dangerous slope, where not only their sanity is questioned but even their lives are questioned in it all.
    The cruel fiancé is determined to have her even if it means getting rid of the 'stain' in the plan - her brother. Though he is also
    determined not to loose her to such a man, who will she even choose in the end? Will she find out the devastating truth of the 'negotiation' her
    family arranged with this man?


    Additional Notes :
    PM me to discuss Character notes and some other things if you are interested.

    So, I roleplay in 3 ways :
    Threads, e-mail or PM's

    My roleplay resume gives you an idea of what works out for me and not.

    Hope to hear from you :)

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