Incest, Please!

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  1. I'm dying to do some type of romance between a brother and sister!

    It's not really a lot of people's cup of tea, but I know (or hope) that there are some people out there like me who enjoy these types of role plays.

    I have about two ideas, one is modern, one is Medieval, and we can do either.
    I'm also open to hearing your ideas!

    I want this to be plot mostly, but sex is okay too, although I'm sort of shy when it comes to that stuff.

    No rape please, and no one under 18. I will also ONLY do brother/sister!

    I'd prefer to play the sister, but if it's a must, we can double.

    However, before we begin, please read my rules~

    1- Please be able to at least spell correctly and know the difference between your and you're.
    (Correct punctuation is a must as well. And third person only, please.)

    2- Be able to reply every day, at least once.

    3- Let me know if you're bored of the role play and want to quit, or if you're going to be busy.

    If you're interested, please feel free to comment or PM me!
    I'll tell you my plots privately.

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  2. Pm me modern plot please
  3. Modern if your still interested
  4. Seems interesting. Pm me the modern plot please
  5. Still looking.

    Please only PM me or comment if you're actually interested, though. I've had one person leave the PM without a word, and another didn't even read my request- which was that I play the sister.

    Please read and be sure you're ready to role play before applying.
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