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In this badass Nolan movie, DiCapro plays what amounts to basically a cross between a thief and a spy.

I don't want to leak any of the plot because I think that's part of what made the movie awesome to see, but WHAT DID YOU GUYS THINK?

I saw it in IMAX on the 16th (opening day) and it was AWEEESOMMEEEE.
Really, my eyes hurt from taking in so much awesome.
No, my mind was not fully blown.
But it was exceptionally intriguing.

I kind of wished it wasn't all about DiCaprio's character, though. There was a bunch of fun to be had with the other characters. Saito, for instance. I think they could've done more, there.
Spies and thieves are technically the same shit, dude.
My brother says this movie is amazing, he's been nagging me to go see it... I probably will. This has piqued my interested a bit more.
See it as quickly as you can.
Undoubtedly, the longer you wait the higher your chances are that someone will spoil it for you somehow.
Well I finally saw it tonight. I don't know I didn't find it intriguing really. I'm glad someone came up with the levels which was a nice concept but I'v thought about all of this before. So it was really nothing new to me ^^
I dunno why, but when I started typing this post I was complaining about how I guessed the ending to Shutter Island about 30 minutes in, realized I fucked up, then backspaced to write this post. I blame the fact that the movies share their star.

I haven't seen Inception yet. I meant to, but my friend Ashley bailed on us cause she was feeling rather bummed out and after I had spent all day convincing her to go, that really killed my buzz. So yeah, haven't seen it yet.
See it soon. D;

I just saw it a second time. It was still good. x]
I saw it.

And dude.


They should let Nolan make more movies with no budget limitations. This was fucking immense.
Glad I saw this movie yesterday.


That was some mighty nasty good shit.
Just saw it a couple days ago. I thought it was very... well executed, and fun to watch. As far as an intellectual exploration of the "dreams vs. reality" theme, I appreciated Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind a little bit more in that sense; Vanilla Sky also comes to mind. But I can see why people would enjoy this because it ties up that intellectual exercise with tons of action, shooting, chases, dramatic changes of scenery, great graphics, etc. The scene where the architecture student makes the Paris street fold in on itself sticks out in my head quite well. I guess I'm just not an action buff... figures.
I want to see this movie so very badly! I might go next week sometime, but we'll see.
Christopher Nolan is my new daddy.

We shall walk on the beach and eat ice cream, and I shall ask him "Daddy, how do I make people like me?"

And he shall tell me. For he is my daddy.

After a year of appalling movies that made me want to shit bricks, this film has restored my faith in the film industry.

This is what movies are made for - the perfect blend of entertainment, intellectual stimulation and emotional impetus. DiCaprio's character was not the strongest, but the supporting cast was spot on and the underlying premise a fantastic one (inception as the divine spark - the uncaused idea bringing good and evil consequences).

Plus it holds true to the Archetypal Journey that I'm always babbling about. >:D

ORDINARY WORLD: We see the heroes doing a run-of-the-mill job and existing in their own world.

CALL TO ACTION: The chinese dude asks the heroes to do one last job.

REFUSAL: DiCaprio talking to his kids and to Michael Caine as he ponders whether to commit.

MEET THE MENTOR: The architect girl (though she seems like his student, she turns out to be his teacher in many things - the hero and mentor constantly shift roles throughout the story)

ENTER THE SPECIAL WORLD: They start building the extraordinary reality in which their mission will take place.

THE TRIALS: DiCaprio gathers his team, overcoming obstacles, eluding enemies and making friends.

THE SPIRAL: The heroes go deeper and deeper into the worlds, their challenges becoming greater each time.

THE ORDEAL: The anatgonist (Wifey-face) strikes at the heroes and almost brings their mission to an end. The hero is left to make the decision of whether to go deeper or to abandon his quest.

THE REWARD: The hero finds his wife and has a moment of reconcileation with her.

THE ROAD BACK: The Kick starts bringing the allies back to the real world as each level is resolved.

THE RESURRECTION: The hero faces one last challenge - finding Chinese dude and helping to remember the promise he made.

THE ELIXIR: DiCaprio gets back to his children - be they real or illusory.

Perfect Hero's Journey. Just like Gilgamesh, just like The Descent of the Goddess Inanna, just like Shamanic folklore.

Result = awesome film that grips the audience.

*smacks Iwaku around* HEED MY TEACHINGS!