Inception the spaces between dreams

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  1. Alexander King, the CEO of TBT Inc hired an expert in Dream Architecture to create perfect worlds in the dreamscape. Which he would then sell to people. However, one day the architect was suspected to be working against his employer and was thought to have attempted to put King into limbo in order to put him out of business. This attempt failed, and King had the architect arrested.

    Only later did King discover that it was not his architect but another, Piere Maitre, who had made the attempt. Now King, the architect and his team must go after this man Piere and his team.

    Piere Maitre-
    The Architect- James Edenheart
    Piere's Forger-

    Playable characters available:
    Piere's chemist
    Piere's researcher

    The architect's Chemist
    The Architect's researcher
    The Architect's Forger

    age 55 real name unknown I ask no one interact with my character until the party a later event soon in the rp

    I loved inception, and I'm a huge fan of Dreams and Dream Interp. I'm in too many RPs atm, but I can't not join this.

    Gonna give some thought to a character and edit this post later tonight. Gonna opt for one of the Forgers.
  3. Awesome thanks man