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It lends itself well, yeeeeees!

A group of dudes come together to plant an idea in someone's head. In the team you have:

The Leader: All-round dude with particular specialty in navigating people's minds.
The Architect: The dude designing the dream levels.
The Chemist: The dude in charge of the sedatives.
The Technician: The dude who works the dream-gismo and does the background study on the target.
The Thief: The dude who can masquerade as different projections.
The Employer: The dude who puts the team up to the job.

Everyone has a "totem" - a small personal object that assures them they are not in the dreamworld.

Everyone becomes a dreamer at some point, helping to build the dream-within-a-dream layers.

Everyone has to set up a "kick" to wake the rest of their team from the dream below them.

Everyone has the potential to be flawed by their own delusions, which interfere with the mission at hand.
We've danced this dance before. I don't post quickly enough for you. Even if I did, you would probably post the OOC at such a moment where I wouldn't be able to get to it before someone else picks one of the roles I'd actually want or feel confident enough so as not to stop cold to do research. :P

It does seem strange though. One would think Inception+You would = instant Iwaku hit. I didn't think something like this would need my support to get off the ground. Hm.

Perhaps you should consider yourself spared. Anime--albeit one by the very atypical Satoshi Kon--influenced your precious Inception. :P

But if you and a few other lurking around this still want to tempt fate, I call the Thief/Forger type. I'd also be interested in the architect, had I more time to research some things I'd like to incorporate, but my true interest is definitely in the former.
Never saw the movie, don't understand the concept beyond mindfucking someone via dreams. Don't even understand the roles, maybe because of as stated before I've never seen the movie. Maybe it's just the wrong season for this idea since the movie was popular I'm sure I'm in the minority when it comes to ignorance. Was surprised that no one had bit til now myself.