In Which He Who Is New Makes A Thread Concerning His Newb-ility.

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  1. With a greeting to those who read this, an offer of tea or perhaps a biscuit, and a bow of largely posh proportions, Charlatan introduces himself. Before he goes on he simply can not resist the urge to fill out the 'About You' Survey.

    -I prefer to be called Charlatan, since any other would be confusing. (6ww9)

    -It's a mystery!

    -I'm 13, soon to be fourteen.

    -I'm new to the site but not to role playing.

    -I rather like groups.


    -Baby It's Fact by Hellogoodbye

    chihirobaby.png I hope we can be great friends!
  2. What does (6ww9) mean?
  3. KomaedaChinTouch.png Well...

    (6ww9) <-- That is a confused emote with two mouths instead of one. (6w9). I use two for reasons that come from role playing a favorite character one too many times.
  4. Welcome!
    Oooh, you like playing yanderes! I'm already glad that you have arrived.
  5. dawallwantingtobetoughChihiro.png Then I will make sure to not disappoint any expectations you have of me so far!
  6. Kin I call ya Charly?!
  7. chihirobaby.png If you'd like! I'd guess it is easier then typing out Charlatan.
  8. I don't want either. Anyway, Hi.
  9. I'm not sure what you don't want but hello!
  10. Tea or biscuit, offer......
  11. Are you sure? They really are quite good. KomaedaChinTouch.png
  12. Yes. Unless you have lemon tea.
  13. chikinami.png I believe I do. Would you like some of that instead?
  14. Please.

    Where are you getting those icons/ava/whatever?
  15. Right away! *pours a cup of lemon tea*

    WittyKomaeda.png And these? I have them laying around, they're pretty handy dandy.
  16. Much obliged.

    Sure are.
  17. ...I read everything you said in a Dr. Suess like voice, <_________<;;

    Lol, welcome to Iwaku!
  18. KOMAEDAWAVE.png Aha, thank you for the warm welcome! And I didn't know I could be taken as a Dr. Suess voice. KomaedaChinTouch.png I guess you learn new things everyday!
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  19. dawallwantingtobetoughChihiro.png How else can I display my emotion but with these little things? Blasphemy I say!