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  1. I used to be on a roleplay website targeted toward younger people but here am I now! Hey! I can't wait to be here instead of doing homework and further better my writing abilities!
  2. Hai~ I'm new too, wanna be noobs together? o3o

    By the way, I really really adore your signature. All those shared feels ;u;
  3. Welcome Kianna!

    I really like your name, I have said it about 3 times out loud just because it rhymes. Anyways, if you are looking for some tips and tricks on how to better your writing, make sure you check out the roleplay academy. It is super useful whether you have been writing for days or years.
  4. My sig is a verse and the chorus from the Death Cab For Cutie song "Someday You Will be Loved". They're my favorite band. Also I've taken a look at the roleplay academy and it is helpful thanks
  5. Noobs for the win! Still trying to figure out this place. But it should be interesting.

    Oh and haai :3
  6. Or you can totally check out the Creative Challenges forum which is filled with loads of fun writing challenges (art as well!). Also, welcome to Iwaku! I also like your name, :D.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.