In the Dragon's Den

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  1. Tikar held the prisoner on the ground of the cave.

    I have brought the human female!

    He called into the cave, awaiting the response.

    Deanna trembled against her bonds, on her knees with her head bowed and the dragon holding a claw on her shoulder. She was naked, the dragons having examined her as if she was cattle. She looked around in panic.
  2. The claw soon turned into a head gently he raises the females head "my my what do you have here" Taven's amber eyes the only feature to indcaite that was a dragon looked deep into the naked girls eyes

    "So you are the one whom shall bear my childern?"
  3. Deanna jerked her head back from the dragon, the gag in her mouth keeping her silent.

    The council has decreed this one fit. There is no need to be gentle with her, either she is strong enough or not. We will replace her if she can not handle it.

    The dragon spoke, letting go of his prisoner. He looked at Taven.

    Examine her and see if you find her fit. I shall take my leave and allow you to get to work. Should you need something, contact the council, but we shall be checking up on you periodically to gauge the females progress.

    The dragon turned away and opened his wings, launching himself into the air and towards the council.
  4. Taven smiles and nods vey well then "she seems very fit to bear my childern"

    After examine the womans body Tavens member grew hard his full 10 inches on display

    "so tell me human do you feel honored to be allowed such a blessing"
  5. Deanna whimpered as his hands traveled over her body. She stared in shock at his large member.

    "I am not honored!" She spat out. "I was brought against my will!" She stood, darting back further in the cave to escape him.

    The dragon's parcel remained on the floor, inside it contained rope, hand cuffs, lubricants, and plugs to help with her fertility.
  6. "how dare you bitch."
    Taven slaps the girl across the face.
    "opening the parcel he grabs three pairs of handcuffs breaking the bonds with ease he tosses them aside leading her to a thin colum in the room he thows her agasint is grabing her hand he brigns them behind the colum and hand cuffs them togther spreading her legs he hand cuffs her ankels to chains bolted to the floor

    "im going to enjoy this"
  7. Deanna was shocked when his hand hit her across the face. She struggled as he grabs her and drags her over to the column, hand cuffing her to it. "No!" She screamed as her ankles were chained to the floor.
  8. Grabing a tube of lube Taven pours some onto his penis and rubs it in he then places his member at the females heavenly opening
    "rejoice you shave soon bear a great child"

    Taven then slides his lubed penis in the the girls vagina once hakf way in he thurst and ramms the rest of his member into her.
  9. Deanna began to scream, feeling him sliding into her roughly. She struggled against her bonds, screaming and cursing him at the same time.
  10. "No one will come help you you will take my seed and you will bear me childern"

    Taven thurst became rougher and faster the sound of the unconsented sex filled te room
  11. Deanna felt her virginity now dripping down her legs, her body feeling ravaged by his large member. She began to grunt as his thrust became rougher and faster, her screams now becoming pants of pain.

    The dragon's member had slid up past her inner walls and the head had entered her cervix, giving her a slight bulge in her stomach.

    She could hear the wet slapping of skin on skin and it made her cry out, "STOP!" She began to cry, tears running down her face. "I refuse to bear your children!"
  12. At the woman pathtic atempts to ask Taven the stop only fueled he lust.

    "Go ahead and cry you shall bear my childern"

    As he had finished speaking Taven begain to increase his speed pounding at the womans cervix
  13. She gasped as he increased his speed, pounding away at her cervix. He was large, much to large to handle. She began to pant, struggling against her bonds in fear.

    "Stop! Stop!"

    She hugged the column, her breasts rubbing against them as the pace moved her up and down against it. She lifted a leg, only to have it stopped by the handcuff around her ankle.

    "Please, stop!'

    She began to beg, wishing she had never tried to run.