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  1. So I'm fairly new around here and I'm not really sure what I want to go about doing here yet. On the other hand I want to post some 1x1 plot ideas and pairings and such. I guess I have to start with a little bit about myself and what I want from my partner(s) right? So here goes.

    First off, my posts vary depending entirely on what my partner gives me. If it's a role play I'm interested in I can range anywhere between a single paragraph to ten full ones. It all depends on how much I have to work with an my inspiration and motivations.

    Second, I would rather not attract teenagers because when I role play there is normally romance involved - planned or not - and sometimes things go further than expected. Though I've only ever done a full sex scene once and I was the male counterpart. Most times I prefer to fade to black so if you're one to enjoy writing out all of the details, I'm probably not your girl. Either way I'm really inexperienced in game and in real life so. . . yeah.

    Third, I should mention I may only post once every couple of days. It depends on my work schedule, homework and again on how I'm feeling at the time. Everyone had issues sometimes and I'm looking to solve mine right now before I actually finish schooling.

    Forth, I prefer talking and communicating with my partner as well. Though I hate pushy types, my personal information - like my age and sexual preference etc - has little to nothing to do with my character. Don't ask. Talking about plots and twists and characters with my partner makes the time spent more enjoyable for me, even if it's random small talk while we role play.

    Fifth, and hopefully last, I want to talk about my own genre preferences. I myself, do not enjoy furries or anthros, though I do like umm. . . I can't remember what it's called right now but they're people with animal features like ears and tails. A most certainly love romance and fantasy, as much as I love knights in shining armor and bad boys reels in high school. I'm not a huge science fiction fan and have never been into the outer space thing. Sorry.

    So without further ado here's a list of pairing types I would like to try out.

    Original Pairings And Stuff

    The ones in bold are what I would rather play. Italics means I have an idea of what I want to do.

    Half Angel x Demon
    Vampire x Human
    Brother x Sister
    Hero x Demon King
    University student x Professor
    Monster Girl x Human Male
    Monster Girl x Monster Girl
    Master x Servant
    Schizophrenic x Mentally Stable person
    City Girl x Country Boy

    Bad Boy/Girl x Good Girl/Boy
    Brother x Sister - preferably twins or older male
    Biker Gang Leader (Male) x First Year University Student (M/F)
    Yakuza Heir x Unassociated Teenager[information broker, thief, hacker etc]


    They are few and far between but they do exist for me.

    Rosario + Vampire
    Naruto - in few cases where either there are absolutely no canon involvement or SasuHina is a thing.
    Monster Musume - 18 + players only
    Game of Thrones - OC's and 18 + players only
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  2. Hmm. I'll bite. I like the angel/demon idea. Do you have a plot?
  3. A little bit but it's not fully formed yet. Did you want to hear it?
  4. Yeah! PM me so we can discuss. Are you going to be on for a while?
  5. Hmmm what's the plot for university student x professor. I may be interested in playing a female student :3 or we could possibly make something up together? Like we could possibly think of an idea with a bad boy x either a good girl or a girl who doesn't like bad boys oor I dunno xD

    I do play males if it's a must but I feel much more comfortable with females :3 I will play male side characters though comfortably as they usually aren't the focus!
  6. I don't actually have a plot for that one yet lol

    Let me know if you're interested in makin something up though. I mean, I wanted to play the student in that one.
  7. Oh okay sorry, i'm really bad at playing any sort of teacher role :/
  8. If you want you can PM and we can figure something out if you really want to rp.
  9. Hero x Demon King sounds interesting. I'd like to hear your idea to it!
  10. Ah, thank you for showing interest! *smiles happily* It's a thing that I've been sitting on for a while. If you want to PM me I'd be happy to tell you about it.
  11. I'm still looking for partners if anyone is interested.
  12. I'm looking if anyone is interested.
  13. Hey there! I'm interested in the Schizophrenic x Mentally Stable person one. PM me if you are still looking someone for it :)
  14. Updated List~

    Any interest?
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