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  1. ((I'm posting my charrie here...rather than posting an OCC. I really don't care to try to keep up with one, when all we have to do is just PM each other.

    After you post yours, I'll post an OP for Autum.))

    Autum Adrian Pearson
    Age 25

    Student at Béchamel College on an Early Student Intern Scholarship. She entered a year ahead, as a Sophomore rather than a freshman. After 6 years working to gain two Bachelors degrees (one in Business Management and the other in Computer Engineering), she's getting ready to graduate.

    Worked at Cedar Hollow Dodge dealership as a receptionist – hoping to one day afford a Charger.

    Lives at home with a mother (Shelley Pearson) who is secretly growing weed in her greenhouse, and two older brothers, Josh (32) and Derrick (27) who been dealing with bad people and suddenly gone missing for about 8 months. There has been no missing person’s report issued to the police.

    Autum knows where they are, but doesn’t care anymore about them, mainly because they’ve seem to have lost all concern and love for her. And she’ll never forget it.

    Appearance: 5’6”, 132 lbs, her bright red hair is natural, as well as her ice blue eyes; is very shapely and had a nice muscle tone due to being a part of the Béchamel’s Fighting Lady Eagles’ Volleyball team. She’s known as The Fire Bomb for her fiery serve. They would have been heading to State…but things will be taking a major turn today.

    And her birthday, October 3rd, is only two weeks away...

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    Personality: She’s popular, but she would not agree with that title. She's a hard worker and deadly determined to make right anything she begins. She’s spontaneous and prone to hanging at the lake with her friends, trying her hands at hiking, and learning all she can about the edible plants of the forest. She enjoys nature and always seems to challenge herself against it, whether it is swimming to the island at the center of the Lake Monoeay and back with no partner, or living out in a tent in the woods with nothing more than a radio, a can of beanie weenies, and flint for starting a fire.

    Her friend’s call her a psychotic savant, but she’s just determined to become a strong woman and avoid turning into her mother, who she feels is weak and pathetic. She fears nothing…and has a lot going for her. So, what in the hell probed her into jumping over that bridge? Everyone says that she would be the one most likely to do something so - sporadic, so daredevilish… But, she had no reason to just end it all… Her life looked perfect enough to them.
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    I finished my shift at the dealership, not really paying any attention to what I was doing or what customers were talking about when their lips kept moving. I just nodded my head, nicely smiled and verbalized that I was paying attention; but I wasn’t really. If they knew what I was going do after work; If they knew, would they really care that their insurance information was incorrect, or that I can’t reach the manager at this time to discuss with them the new warranty guidelines to their Dodge Ram Club Cab? Would they be more concern about me, perfect Autum just like the season, but without the ‘N’? No one has cared so far, even the few people that should care don’t lift a finger of empathy. So, I should just allow for things to happen…or fix everything myself. No one cares what I’m going to do anyway, right?

    “Hey, Autum…Autum?”

    Kelsea nudged me against my back again and I woke up to find the phone glued to my ear screaming profanity, and two customers standing before me waiting… “Oh…um…ye..yes, I do understand your concern… Let me put you on hold for a moment to see if I can reach the Assistant Manager. One second, please.”

    I hung up…forgetting to press down the red hold button. I played it off nicely so the customers witnessing my breakdown wouldn’t assume I did that on purpose. I gave them my best news anchor personality, smiled and tried my hardest to clear them from my sight. Kelsea stepped up to help me out; the only friend I had who was actually sharp enough to see that I was acting unstable.

    When all was clear, I quickly stepped away, heading to the back break area near the service desk where I worked. I grabbed my Coke from the fridge and took two sips before Kelsea entered, her brow folded.

    “Hey, chica, what’s up today? You haven’t been yourself in weeks…” She stood beside me, rubbing my shoulder and giving me that ‘Carol Brady” look. God, I wished for years that Kelsea was old enough to be my mom. She’s like Betty Crocker, Care Bears, and Mother Goose all rolled up into one tiny package. She cares for me like a mother rather than a friend; only two years older than me.

    I should tell her…she, of all people, would understand how I feel and know how to help me out. But, it’s so embarrassing…and it’s bad enough to live through it, but even worse to place it into words… the things I have to do, the stuff I hear…

    “Ah, I’m just tired, I guess; working too many nightshifts at the hotel.” I give her a cheerful glance, “I’m still saving up for my car.“

    “A car will come in due time,” Kelsea nudges me on the head with the palm of her hand. “But, that noggin of yours needs rest, and plenty of it; can’t go around turning dumb all because you’re working too hard and not getting enough sleep.”

    She hands me a half of a macadamia nut cookie she snagged from her lunch bag (or was it Kevin’s bag?) I took the offering, but not the advice. “Yea…I guess I can take a break for once… I’m thinking about heading out to the lake to go swimming.”

    “See, that’s a good idea. Relax for a spell. Oh, and this weekend you can head with me to the mall. We can catch a few sales, and I can get you something you actually like for your birthday.”

    I really, REALLY didn’t want to be seen in the mall, nor anywhere else. Patronizing her, I just nodded my head. “Sounds good,” and finished the rest of my soda. “Um, look…could you tell Doris that I left early. I’m…not up to closing this evening.”

    Kelsea’s face folded into that sweet motherly concern, her blue eyes darkened. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Was she a freaking mind-reader? I just didn’t want to be there anymore… Work is just a waste of time to me right now.

    “Um, yea… I’m just tired.”

    “Oh, alright, I’ll…call you later.”

    I could feel her eyes evaluating me as I turned away and left the break room, her x-ray vision taking a thorough assessment of all my vitals and emotional state. I was starting to worry that she would follow me out the building, or worse, drive me home herself. If she knew that I was not planning on going home right now… Hell, she would have place surveillance on me, 24/7. Kelsea cares. But, I’m tired of her caring, of her pity.

    Leaving the dealership with all of my affects, I walked towards Edington Park. It was just three blocks away from the dealership and two bus stops from home. When I need a place to get away, where there were no faces to smile at, eyes to prove my innocence to, I would head to the park. Today, I head there to leave for good.

    The pristine water of the Shannon Lake was beautiful this afternoon. I stood on her bridge and thought of the story of Shannon Edington, the person of whom the park was named after. Her family was one of the aristocrats who founded this town, and she, the wife of an Attorney, fell to her death off this very bridge. No one knows why, but many have their own version of history. The one I held in my mind was of her quest to break away from the social dramas and corruption she was forced into by the very family she loved. Funny, I understand her plight personally.

    I drop my backpack into the lake, and then my purse. I won’t need them, but it sure would help with my identification if they were with me. Dangling my feet over the stone railing, I watch as cars cruised around the park, people walk their dogs, friends sunning on the grass. No one notice me at all. Not a one. Figures, they all love me in the gym, in the newspaper, but they don’t even know me. They don’t know that I’m not perfect, that I’m a social moth – following the flame, only to burn. And now, this…two months is enough! It would break my dad’s heart if he knew, but then again… It’ll probably make him happy – one less child support check to deal with. Why did I bring him up now!

    I watched as the water’s movements created little whirlpools in various places before the current flowed under the archway. One of my black pumps fell off my foot and plopped in. I kicked the other one in next.

    I heard something else after my second shoe fell, as if my ears were already filled with water, or stuffed with cotton. I couldn't tell what it was. And frankly, it was too late to find out. I wasn't hanging around this place any longer.

    And then, I was last.
    Smooth splash.
  3. Another brilliant day in the office that I may gradually begin to call my own, I finished up my PowerPoint Presentation that was to be shown in the lecture hall in approximately two days. I had never been the one to procrastinate such demanding work, especially since, unlike many presentations I have viewed, my presentation was for an intermixed group of intellectual students and staff. The joys of writing a 30 slide PowerPoint on The Beginnings of Life on the Molecular Level.

    I recline lightly in my swivel chair, and breath in the sweet Apple scent of my office, I had just recently grabbed a whole collection of Apple fragrance diffusers to decorate my office. Even as a doctor, I even surprise myself when I think that having a scented office is pleasant. Such a female-like habit, I think to myself.

    After a few precious moments of rest, I know it is time to get out of my office, a room which I have religiously stayed in for the past 4 days almost non-stop. When I step into the hallway, I can't help but notice how many people are attending class this evening, an evening where I don't teach. The hustling and bustling of the young adults before me has a smile to my face, makes me remember when I was first starting out getting my Bachelor's. Good times.

    When my Audi allroad is in view I breathe a sigh of relief, althougth the campus is deemed fairly safe, I always feel like my car will be stolen or broken into, or damaged, possibly even towed. I'm not sure what the anxiety of such comes from. As I reach the car, I don't get in, I merely unlock and get my gym bag from the back area. With a smile, I lock up my beloved car once more, and head back into the building from which I just came.

    The restrooms are well maintained, and each has a shower area, the perks for being a University, not to mention that the fitness center is in the basement of the building which I stand. I quickly change from my business suit into a pair of black sweatpants and a white vneck shirt. I complete the outfit with a pair of running shoes, and I hang my suit coat and pants on the hanger I brought in my gym bag, and shove the shirt and the tie in the bag.

    My hasty retreat to my car leads to nothing but annoyance when a student of mine asked to run with me. I politely declined, the only personal time I get in which I don't need to think about work is during my fitness sessions and the 9 hours of sleep I get during the night. No way I'm giving up my precious thinking time. Once my bag and suit are securely in my car I shove the keys deep into my sweatpants pocket, the one that doesn't contain my phone and start at a slow jog to warm up.

    My pace increases slightly once I reach the edge of the park that I normally do my running at. There is this lovely bridge that I like to take my few minutes break at, the water is calming and such. I quicken my pace as I am approaching the bridge. I've probably ran about 1/2 a mile, and I'm not even nearly done with my run. I stop at the very edge of the bridge, my typical spot, and stare down into the swirling water. Boy would I give anything to take a swim in the water, and forget about my job for a minute. I'm sure that once I get established everything will be fine, but I am much too stressed lately about it.

    Just as I'm about to look away, I hear a splash and I see something floating away in the water, and then something else that I identify as a purse. I don't look up because it could have been an accident or something. As I resume my deep thinking I hear more splashing. A shoe and another shoe, that's when I look up. Something just isn't quite right. That's when I saw her, this girl that I cannot picture as someone who would jump, but I know she's going to jump. Nobody else seems to care, nobody is even paying a lick of attention to the girl except for me.

    "No," I whisper, wide eyed, and afraid. Fight or flight comes to mind, and within a split second I'm attempting my run towards the part of the bridge she is at, "NO," I'm yelling. "Don't you dare! NO." This girl does not hear a word I am saying, or at least she doesn't care because I am just a few feet from her when she falls. Splash. I can't even look over the railing, it makes me sick and I feel like I'm going to faint.

    9-1-1. "9-1-1 what's your emergency?" It was the only number I could think of calling. People are surely stareing now and I'm furious. WHY WEREN'T THEY PAYING ATTENTION 14 SECONDS AGO. HER LIFE. "A girl just jumped from the bridge in Shannon Park!" I'm practically barking orders at the lady, and she's trying to ask me questions and I just want them to arrive and so I hang up. I've told them where we are and they shouldn't be far.

    Seconds after I hang up, it's possibly been 3 minutes, I am bolting off the bridge. Just before I hit the water I take my phone and my keys and toss them to the ground. Then I'm swimming. Swimming to the rock that this girl is draped around. I don't care that she could be dead, and I don't care if people think I'm nuts, and I don't even care that the water is so cold. My only concern it to get this girl to shore dead or alive. I reach her, I don't know how long it took me to swim, I'm not the best swimmer in the world. The current is certainly stronger than I'd imagine, and that bothers me, but I reach her with no issues. Quickly, sloppily I check her pulse. I feel nothing.

    With the girl draped carefully over one shoulder I make my way to shore with her, the shore where what seems like a billion people have gathered to watch a madman jump into the water after a suicidal girl. Great, I can just see the headlines now. Whatever. She's on shore, I'm on shore. I hear the sirens, good sign. I'm in shock, this isn't supposed to be happening to me. Who is this girl? Why did she jump? What's going on? I start CPR right away, it'd be a miracle if I could save her this way, I don't even know if she's alive. I need to know her story.
  4. The EMS crew rushed in, driving on the grass to move closer to the scene of the accident. Police cars were parked all around the area now, providing crowd control and dealing with other things. Two Paramedics carrying a backboard ran to the man who was soaked to the core. Immediately they realized what he was doing, being the Good Samaritan through and through.

    "Sir, we've got it from here When did you start CPR?" Medic Shot fell to his knees hovering over the girl's body and taking over the chest compression while his partner set up the backboard, and another moved onto the other side with oxygen and a bubble mask.

    "She has a pulse!" one of them announced, and soon the medics were moving the girl onto the backboard, securing her quickly to lift her. They carried her to the back of the ambulance, preparing their package for transport.

    Medic Shot turned to the rescuer, draping a silver-lined emergency blanket over his shoulders. "Sir, are you in need of any medical assistance? With that scratch on your forehead, you may want to ride with us to get checked out."
  5. Closer and closer sirens. Sirens everywhere. He paid no mind until they were by his side, practically dragging him from her, this he was not okay with but there was no use arguing with them, not that he could even do such a thing. He had no proof that he was a doctor, and he was by no means famous in the medical world. Though he didn't specialize in adults as this young lady whom he had pulled from the water, he wasn't about to abandon all cause of seeing her full recovery. This was a rare occurrence, and something was drawing him to this girl. Nothing made him more curious.

    "Few minutes.." He mumbled, unsure of his voice, unsure of anything. The whole area was dizzy-making. He watched as the expert hands handled the girl and he immediately felt less dizzy when the pronounced that she still had a pulse. That wasn't good, but it meant she had a chance and that was close enough to him. From that exact moment he decided that he was going to do everything in his power to find out about the girl. Money, time, care, investigation, quitting his job. ANYTHING. He named her Viva, like Vivo in Latin which meant alive. It was odd to be able to use Latin and the only reason he knew the Latin word for alive was because he studied birth of infants and such, it all tied into his studies.

    "Yes, I should get checked." Caspar said in a haze, but he didn't mean it, he was just trying act messed up enough to get in the ambulance with Viva. Goodness, life-changing event in less than an hour.
  6. Paramedic Shot nodded to the man, doing a short double-take to read his face again. He looked familiar, but with the sagging clothes and soaked hair it was hard to tell. He shouted to the other medic riding in the back. "He's going with us. Strap him in."

    "Here Sir, watch your step." Medic Hardeen helped the gentleman up the steps of the cab and secured him in the side bench parallel to the metal gurney where the young girl seem to be sleeping; not a shew of pain on her face. Before the Medic sat down beside him, she tapped against the wall of the cab, "Shot, we're ready to go!" And soon, the sirens were wailing and the ambulance was carefully making its way through the crowd, down the slopping green hills of the park heading towards the quickest pave of gravel they could take to rush to the hospital.

    Medic Hardeen turned around assist her partner, Medic Clay, in checking the young woman's vitals. She finally had a chance to get a good look at her, and instantly she recognized her. "Oh, my word. This is the Pearson's girl."

    "Pearson?" Medic Clay looked at her again and sighed, "Wow, it is her. This is bizarre... I just read about her team heading to Nationals."

    Medic Hardeen grabbed an adult sized blood pressure cuff and moved to the man's side. "Sir, I'm Sybil Hardeen, I'm going to take your vitals, alright. May i have your name, please. And, do you know what happened to her?"
  7. They were speaking about the girl once they got into the ambulance, and he was disregarded for a moment. Pearson. Viva Pearson for now. Clues were good. It was a great few moments without a paramedic breathing down his neck, but then one was back and talking. Always talking, how obnoxious. He needed a moment to think about his answer, his adrenaline was still flowing hard, and he was beginning to pant now that he was sitting and realizing the full extent of what had just happened.

    "Dr." He paused, "Dr. Caspar C. Lindikous, Medical Professor at the University." Another pause ensued while he carefully chose the way to word things. "I saw her jump, more like fall from the bridge. I almost had her...." My breath hitched in my throat, and I suddenly need a minute. I cannot continue telling this kind lady what happened. I know I'm a doctor but a traumatizing experience as such can make anyone unlike themselves.

    I take a tentative glance at the girls body, somewhere in there she's functioning, and something deep inside me just knows or at least wants to believe she will survive. I feel so guilty for my actions, if I had looked up sooner she wouldn't be in this position. There were so many things that I could have controlled and I just didn't. Stupid, stupid me.
  8. Medic Hardeen took the doctor's vitals, finding his blood pressure up a little, but all checked out just fine. She kept an eye on him as they rode to the hospital, making sure he wasn't going into shock. Medic Clay had the young woman stable and her condition didn't change by the time the ambulance rolled under the canopy before the emergency department's double doors.

    Rolling her inside, the commotion of the day was ten times worse. Several doctors and nurses rushed to various rooms to deal with other trauma patients, other patients who were capable of moving about did so with their double hospital robes on and their IV units tagging along. The emergency team rolled her into trauma room 8 and began to move her from board to bed; one swift glide and she was there. Then Doctor Sheffield and RN Diedra Clay stepped in with their team. It was like a swarm of bees surrounding their queen. Everyone's attention was on her.

    "Excuse me, Dr. Lindikous?" A young nurse moved to his side, her hand on his shoulder with a touch of concern. "Wow, are you alright?" He probably didn't recognize one of his past graduates, but Jessica Wuenschel never forgets a face.
  9. Chaos, that was the only thing I could even consider calling this hospital. Viva was rushed out of the ambulance to a room in which I did not follow her into. I hovered by the door, not peering in, I already knew she was stable, and I knew she would make it, I could feel it. If only I had my certification with me. I silently cursed myself. Sure I could just say my name and title, but I was much too young for someone to ever think of me as serious. I got that a lot more than I should have. A good doctor should be over the age of 30 and up to his ears in student loans, they claimed. But I didn't have that problem, they just didn't understand.

    I stood outside of the room that was being flooded by nurses and some doctor, the doctor was the only one in a long white coat looking very much like a doctor, everyone else was in those blue scrubs, or a patterned type scrub. A sigh escaped my lips and finally I realized that the paramedic had said that I had a cut on my forehead. I slowly reached up and sure enough, but when had that happened? I don't remember anything really.

    Some nurse came up to me, and to my complete shock, she said my name and asked me if I was okay. How did she know my name, the paramedic hadn't even stayed around for two seconds after Viva got out of the ambulance. I don't understand how she could have got this information at all. "I'm fine, it's the girl I'm worried about," He sized up the young nurse, and then he asked in a skeptical tone, "How do you know my name?"
  10. Jessica nodded, an understandable questions, "I was one of your students last year in Chronic Childhood Illnesses? I did the essay on the Psychological perspectives in chronic childhood illnesses that you helped me publish in the American Medical Association Newsletter that same year."

    She could tell he was in a mess, completely engrossed in concern for the victim. Nurse Jessica smiled, "Were you the one who saved her?" She slowly tried to move the doctor to a nearby seat to give him a moment to relax and for her to check his forehead. "You have a wound on your head. It's swollen a bit. Let me clean that up for you while you tell me what happened, alright?"

    She grabbed some sterile gauze and tape, a iodine swab and a small towel. She sat beside him, watching his actions like a professional. They were sitting close to Trauma 8, watching the comings and goings of the staff until they eventually diminished to a slow dirge in and out of the room.
  11. * switching from 1st to 3rd person from now on...

    While the girl explained herself, she seemed to be forcing him to move. Now that she mentioned her details he did remember her, it must have just been his clouded mind. HE shook the thought of her out of his mind, it didn't matter if he knew her, that wasn't important right now, it was Viva. How long had they been in there? Was she okay? What were the doing to her? His heart rate skyrocketed for a moment, and then he realized he was psyching himself up and he tried to relax. By then he was in a chair, and she had asked him a question that he hadn't heard, nor cared about. Thankfully, she was asking another question just as his brain faded him back into reality.

    Once she returned with her first aid materials he gave himself a moment and began. "I was just going for a run like I always do, nothing crazy, always busy. Well I stopped by the bridge to look at the water, and I noticed things falling in like shoes and stuff, and then I looked up and she was standing on the edge. I ran to try and grab her, I was so close. So, so close." He paused, brow furrowed in frustration. "And then she was in the water, and dragged by the current to a rock. I ran in and got her body. I thought she was dead, but I started CPR until the ambulance came."

    That would have to suffice for her because he wasn't willing to talk about it any more. "Is she okay?" Caspar wanted to ask a million more questions, he wanted to burst in there and clear everyone out and tend to the girl himself, it was ridiculous how protective he wanted to be over a girl he'd never met, and would have probably never cared for had she not jumped from a bridge.
  12. Jessica looked up towards trauma room 8, watching the staff finally make their way out. "One moment." She stepped away from Dr. Lindikous and caught a hold of Dr. Sheffield's attention before he continued his rounds. Explaining who the hero actually was and mentioning his concerns about the victim, Jessica gave the two doctors a moment alone while she checked on the girl's charts to acquaint herself to her needs.

    "Dr. Lindikous...Sheffield. Good thing you were there to pull her out. Any longer, and she would be in worse condition than she is now." Casually, Sheffield moved towards trauma room, giving Lindikous time to adjust and step forward. He knew this man wasn't related to the patient, but being the professional who saved her life, he felt the need to ease his mind. Besides, he was well aware that Autum would not have any close family come for her right now...

    "She's...resting. I didn't see any damage, just bruises and a slight concussion - possibly from the throw of the current causing whip-lash. I'm setting up a few test to check on everything else."
  13. The female nurse left him, and she was soon replace with the doctor from the trauma room in which Viva was placed. This made him stand and nonchalantly size up the doctor in front of him. He told Caspar about Viva and that was all he cared about. He didn't care that he saved her, and he didn't care about the bruises or whatever was on Viva, just she was okay and that was great. But she wasn't awake, that bothered him. If she had a slight concussion then what would the doctor call someone who was in a coma. It was positive that she was in a coma-like state.

    With his brow furrowed, he stared at Dr. Sheffield, doubting his abilities, doubting his doctorate, doubting him only because it was something to be mad at, and that was what he needed. "Do you know her name? Age? Anything?" He asked tentatively, knowing that doctors were not supposed to inform other people of a patients details, but it was doctor-to-doctor. Now would be the proper time to tell Sheffield that he wasn't going to leave the girls side because he was far too interested in her story, and the research with the girl could provide so much into the reasons for suicide. He had to know. He had to.

    "Listen, she is equally my patient, as she is yours. Just in different aspects. I'll be studying her brain, emotions and such while you run your tests and keep her alive. Sound good? If not, I'll gladly remove her from this hospital and place her in a private one at my own expense." Dr. Lindikous gave the man his serious professional tone and hoped it was good enough, and if it wasn't, then it would still have to suffice because he was not leaving.
  14. Dr. Sheffield was almost reluctant to comply with this Doctor, hero or not, but he understood the man's irrational response. He's going through a lot as well. "Dr. Lindikous, there's no need to remove her. If you're that serious about her recovery, then we can make things official." Sheffield, looked in Autum's room again, sadness touched his heavy face.

    "Look, Autum was born and raised here; I delivered her and one of her older brothers myself. Her family, the Pearsons, have had their share of troubled times. This is practically the cherry on top. The only family she has in town is her mother, and frankly, she's not going to step foot in this hospital to care for her child - regardless if it's life or death."

    They stood in the doorway of trauma room 8. Sheffield looked over at the girl as Jessica prepared her for the scheduled CAT scan. "I'm under staffed here, and if her results turn out the way I'm expecting, but not hoping for, then she's going to be here for a long time. If you're willing and qualified, I'll talk to the hospital director and see if we can set you up with a temporary residency. You can assist in her recovery. The only problem I see she's going to have in the long run is her insurance. I'm not sure if she has any, which will put the hospital in a bind for paying for your time here. It all depends on what you are able to do."

    It was a long shot, and something that could end his career if all goes sour, but Autum needed all the help he can get her.
  15. (Sorrry, I have enough college work to drown a small child...)

    The doctor seemed to be willing to compromise on the situation, and that was far enough with him. "I'm not saying that I can pay for her bills right away, that very much depends on just how long it will take for her recovery. As for me, I'll pay the amount needed to be by her side for every moment of the day." He nodded as if to make it official to himself. He was young and this guy wasn't so young, they were on complete opposite ends of the doctor scale, yet at that moment Caspar felt he could offer more in the recovery of the girl than the elder next to him. Something just wasn't quite right about what the doctor had said though.

    "Her mother isn't going to visit, you mentioned? Why is that?" Dr. Lindikous paid much attention to the young nurse who had led his to this Sheffield guy, she was prepping, but for what? That concerned him, he was very protective over things that were important to him. If she was wheeled off to some room he needed to know the number and the floor and whatever it was they would be doing and how long she would be gone. This hospital would get hell and a half if they didn't provide him with the details.

    These people all thought he was unable to do anything, make any decisions because he was in such a traumatic situation. It meant nothing, he was fine, they just didn't understand. There was no way to explain it. "Just get all of the things worked out, and give me a bill or whatever." He was done speaking with Sheffield, and he hoped that he would only need to deal with the man in serious situations that pertained to Autum. So her name was Autum. Beautiful just like her, he sighed, distracted for a brief moment as he entertained the thought of her right before she jumped. Confident that the land would kill her, ready to end her life for some mysterious reason.
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    "Her mother isn't going to visit, you mentioned? Why is that?"

    Dr. Sheffield gave a quick look around before focusing back on the man. "You can call it depression, or a lack of better judgement. But, Mrs. Pearson's has lost her husband through divorce, her two oldest sons have been missing for over eight months... and now, the only stable person in the household attempted suicide."

    Sheffield gave a heavy sigh. "Frankly, I feared it was Mrs. Pearson when one of the Paramedics mentioned her last name. But, Autum?" He shook his head in regret, "She has such potential, high aspirations for her future. She's one I would have never suspected..."

    Sheffield gave Lindikous a moment in the room with Autum. The nurses kept an eye on him, concern that the man was going through some guilt or falling into despair for his attempt in helping Autum wasn't as successful as he'd hoped.

    Jessica finished tucking Autum into a dry hospital robe and warm blankets; taking her wet clothes to the wash room on her way out.
  17. (School is literally killing me, that's Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and I have church on Wednesdays and Sundays. Fridays and Saturdays are based on if I have plans or not. BTW, totally sorry for this GIGANTIC gap in posting. Will NOT happen again from this point on. I PROMISE.)

    All he could do was nod his head slowly, gravely at the words Dr. Sheffield had said to him. What a tragic family life this girl must have had, it was a wonder she was killing herself. He wasn't convinced that that was the only reason though, there had to be something else. Nobody just jumps off of a bridge over family members, it would have had to have been something horrible. That is one of the worst ways to commit suicide. Slit wrists, and hanging are the most common. Jumping off of a bridge? That was for something deeper, maybe she secretly wanted to live but couldn't bare with it. Whatever the circumstances were, she should have done something else if she had really wanted to die. It was a 50/50 game with jumping.

    He couldn't believe that he was thinking about other ways she could have killed herself, how morbid of him. When he was sure the doctor was gone and not observing him like he thought he would have, he slowly and carefully walked over to Autum. White lips, pale face, hair as red as can be. He wondered how old she was, and if she had a boyfriend whom he could get more information about her from. Automatically he ruled out the mother. Hate was a strong word but he had a feeling that her mother hated her. Depression led to intense feelings.

    The nurse left too, and finally he had a moment with the girl he had rescued. There was like a link between them, he didn't know if she felt it too, but he had a strange feeling with her, he just knew that there was definitely something wrong with her situation. Some people commit because they're sad, and some commit because the have issues, Autum committed for a reason, and he fully intended to find out why.

    The machines beeped, her pulse was a little crazy, and a few other things worried him, but the fact was, she was completely alive. A smile sigh of relief escaped his lips as his body relaxed itself in the chair at her bedside. This was his spot, and this was where he would remain no matter what. Day and night until she woke up. Only leaving to get clothing from home, or get food, or to use the restroom. He would quit his job if they didn't accept it and he'd do anything, even move Autum to a different place just to be near the girl he saved.

    Why would anyone have such a deep connection with someone they hadn't spoken to, seen or even heard of ever? Something had to be happening in that realm if it was that way.
  18. Several times in the day, the staff wheeled Autum in and out of the room for several test. All of them ended up conclusive - she was in a coma. There was no major damage to the brain, but enough of a traumatic shock for it to fall into this state. They moved her into a private room where there was 24 hour care. Dr. Lindikous was given temporary clearance to remain in the hospital as a medical profession, until such time he presents the proper paperwork to register him as a temporary resident for Miss. Pearson's care.

    The night was full of beeping monitors, angels in white waltzing too and fro on each side of her bed, working diligently to keep the poor girl comfortable and to monitor her every action - which wasn't much. She was stable and content in her darkness... several of the nurses who knew her wandered in and out of the room, saying small prayers or checking with their own eyes full of tears. An aunt, a friend, an ex-boyfriend, and even a coach walked in before visiting hours ended. All of them in complete, sorrowful shock - still unconvinced that that was the same girl they knew.

    "I just talked to her this afternoon," Kelsea said, holding back tears as one of the nurses comfortably rubbed her back. "I - I knew she wasn't feeling well. The way she was acting was not like her... I tried to call her when she left, to offer her a place to stay, thinking she had another fight with her mom... But, I was..."
    She couldn't say it. Too upset to utter them.

    Kelsea sat beside Autum's bed, rubbing her lifeless hand in between her own. "I'm sorry Autum... I was listening, just not close enough, right?" The nurse left her in the room for a moment.
  19. All the day long people walked in and out. Nurses, friends, people, doctors. Everyone. It was actually very obnoxious how many people came to see her, but only because the doctor had said he didn't think many people would visit. They all talked to the nurses and talked to the unmoving Autum. There was one girl who seemed to be of use though. Someone who really seemed to actually know something important about Autum. But how? And how could he just ask of something so personal?

    She was talking to the nurse about how she had just seen Autum, and how she called and a few other things. This girl knew things, and he knew things, but words didn't want to form. Then the nurse left, and he realized that it was just he girl and Autum. "She didn't answer because she threw her phone in the river." He said in a low tone, never taking his eyes off of Autum. He didn't care who this new person was much, but if she knew something then he needed to find out.

    Dr. Lindikous could see a faded outline of the bottom half of the females torso, and her hips but not her face, he couldn't look at what reaction the lady would have over hearing something linked to her friends suicide attempt. She was probably either disgusted or ready to cry. Maybe. That would have been his guess though.
  20. Kelsea turned towards the doctor that was sitting in the room. A nurse had already informed her that he was the one who saved her, and even though she was grateful that he did, she was automatically turned wordless by his true-account of the final moment before Autum's attempt. If only she'd called a few minutes sooner - then she wouldn't be there...

    She cleared her voice, "She's never been scared of anything... Always the daredevil," she began, feeling the need to tell him about the person he'd saved... Why not? He was here, and she couldn't leave tonight without talking to someone about what she felt. "We've been friends since second grade - I've seen her do it all; jump off of a second story building, ride her bike across four lanes of heavy traffic... swim a mile in a lake during a thunderstorm... Nothing stopped her from doing something crazy. But, she's never got hurt and always ended up a stronger person in the end. This...this change in her...I saw it, but never questioned it..."

    Kelsea dabbed her eyes with the damp Kleenex and shook her head. "Derrick must had really done something horrible to her..." she mumbled as if she was talking to herself, "Damnit! I hate that guy so fucking much. I knew he wasn't right for her."