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  1. So, I was writing a story once, just because I was bored, when it occured to me. This would make a pretty good RP! Or, at least in my opinion it would be, which is why I am doing the interest check to see your thoughts. Yes, you shall comment below or leave feedback. Or else. >:D


    Project SINC. The Supernaturals In Natural Circumstances idea. Choosing young teenage supernaturals, they throw them into a human high school to see how they fare. They must learn how to live human, hiding their power and true form at all times. If a student fails, they are taken away by the scientists after the human's memories are erased, they get 'transfered'.

    And killed.

    But they don't know that. They simply believe they are the test subjects in learning how supernaturals can live among humans. They have no idea that if they fail, their agreement to become a test subjects will be taken to a whole new level. They have no idea that those taken away are experimented on, to try plan B, and see if supernatural powers can be removed. None of the subjects of Plan B have ever survived even.

    Class now begins.

    Still a bit rough, I believe, but thoughts? You would play a supernatural creature or a human. All that will be sorted in an OOC thread if this idea receives approval.

    Sakura mentionned a good point.

    The genre would be Modern Fantasy,
    Rating: About Pg-13? Nothing too harsh really.
    Themes: High school life, secrecy, supernatural creatures.
  2. sounds interesting!
    I don't know if I'll have the commitment for it, but we'll see.

    As for finding you other players, a general idea of genre/themes/rating would be awesome :D
  3. Sounds interesting.
  4. Sounds very interesting.
  5. I'm interested
  6. Yes yes yes yes.
    I have always been a sucker for supernatural creatures.
  7. Ooo. I like it, Church. I would like to know more.
  8. Alright, so I definably have interest here. I'm trying to smoothen out the kinks, and then I'll throw up an OOC. :)
  9. Oh this sounds really fun, Sakura let me know about this :D
  10. Ahh, Sakura. You don't need to do that for me hun, but thank you. :)
  11. I'm loving it. Definitely interested.