In Sheep's Clothing (OOC)

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  1. They say the government hides things from you, feeding propaganda to ease their citizens. These people, they act as sheep, being led by fickle shepherds that have lost their own way. Though what if, deep within the flock, there were wolves hidden under wool clothing? Boston, Massachusetts. 2013. You think that they would find out about us eventually. We've been here through wars, parties, uprisings and downfalls. Though not one can put the pieces together. Call it a luck of the Irish, but this is one secret that has lasted for centuries. This is the story of two brothers behind the call of the wolf, attempting to live normal lives.


    Caoimhín "Kevin" O`Connel - Lykaon
    Aron O`Connel - The Gambling Gamer
    Skyla Xypher - ~ Xypher Doragon ~
    Freya Hart - Rufiya
    Evelyn Alexander - BoB (Best of Boxes)³
    Open Role 4 - (Open)

    Character sheets for this rp are much like clothing. Optional.

    If you would like, feel free to post a short sheet. Name and age, maybe. Anything else you feel necessary. Should we use pictures or just describe? Hmm...
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  2. Hmmm this looks interesting, I assume the 2 spots taken are the brothers? If so can we be any race (Vampire, human, shifter, ect)?
  3. unfortunately, we had decided that the other roles be human. I'm sorry.
  4. That's okay was just wondering lol I don't mind being human
  5. Redid the intro! Thanks, bro!
  6. Lol nice, ill post a short CS here soon
  7. Name: Skyla Xypher
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
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    a 1.jpg She also wears this jacket. jacket.jpg
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  8. Aaron, do we want to start this thing up, or wait? What do you think, Xypher?
  9. We might wanna wait for at least one more person but up to you guys
  10. It'd probably be good. But, its been almost two days already. We're thinking about starting it up tomorrow morning/early afternoon.
  11. Okay sounds good =)
  12. I'm about to post on, Xypher, then you can feel free to. Its still open for another person (or three) though. Here is to hoping for more. Haha

    In Sheep's Clothing
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  13. Lol ok sounds good, hope so
  14. There we go. My first post done. ^_^

    Anyone else interested? Yes? No? Maybe?
  15. Yikes Aron is scary lol XD hmm thinking of a way for Skyla to join....
  16. Haha. Indeed. ^_^ Isn't the brutality great?

    Anyway, you can have her out doing whatever she does, and they can meet up soon. She could be at the pub, she could be wherever she works, she could even live in the same apartment building. haha Whatever you'd like.
  17. I kinda want in on this if it's still open.

  18. It is =D
  19. omg yis.

    I'll have my csheet up in a bit.
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  20. Yays more people!
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