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  1. Hello everyone! Thank you for reading this. ^-^

    On to business, what exactly am I in serious need of? A Star Trek rp. Mainly, a Star Trek reboot rp. Now, while I say this I want to point out that I am open to AU's, I'm open to going through the Canon Story as well! But I am having a serious craving for Star Trek at the moment!

    I would first like to say that I have a CanonxOC pairing. I would love for someone to play Leonard McCoy for me! I have no problems playing any of the other characters if you would like to double up, I have no problems with FxF, MxM, whatever you would like to throw at me. I tend to do well as long as it doesn't hit my trigger!

    I have a few rules though! So here they are:

    Please be respectful. I treat my partners how they treat me, and if I eventually block you, I assure you it was for a good reason.
    Please be 18+. I prefer roleplaying with adults.
    Please let me know if you want to stop the roleplay instead of just disappearing on me!
    Last, but certainly not least, please tell me if you have any triggers.

    Well, with that done I will be waiting to hear from you! :] And all AU's are open to me! I look forward to hearing your ideas!​
  2. Still looking!!

  3. I'm definitely interested. Huge Trek fan and craving Trek, but want to do an original ship with new characters.

    Let me know if that works.
  4. Well I'm craving an OcxCanon pairing but having an original ship sounds fun. Maybe we could work something out. Pm me? :]
  5. Will do.
  6. Still searching
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