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  1. Hello everyone, Huntress here.

    So with school winding down I will have a bit of a break to do some RPing. I've been on the lookout for some decent games. It's been a while since I've played anything that has had me really interested and wanting to continuously move on.

    I'm not just looking for someone to send me small filler posts of their characters point of view. I need someone who wants to work on the stories, expand the worlds and characters; create something memorable and enjoyable for both of us. Someone to drive the plot forward with me and come up with unique twists and surprises.

    So here we go with a small outline.

    • Do not give me one liners, I cannot stand them and in truth it kind of offends me.
    • I will typically write two paragraphs and up. Ideally I'm looking for someone to match that. I understand if that amount can't always be reached but please, try.
    • I'm not the biggest freak when it comes to grammar and spelling, as long as I can understand what you're saying it's all good.
    • I don't do MxM pairings. Never tried it and frankly I'm not comfortable with it. I can do MxF and FxF with no issues.
    • Romance doesn't always need to be involved but it can make things fun.
    • Tell me if you're not interested in the game anymore, don't just ditch me, please and thank you.
    • Of course all the iwaku rules are also in place.
    • Respect eachother.
    • And finally, have fun. I might be stubborn and hard headed but I'm actually a pretty nice person. Don't cower away or get super defensive if I say anything that might sound rude or harsh. I like being honest with people and working things out.
    Alright, so as far as rules and what I'm like goes that's really it.
    Now for plots, I don't really have any, I have points, ideas and whatnot because I want this to be built by both parties. So I'll put down some pairings/rough plot ideas.

    I have a little red riding hood-esque idea
    A plot revolving around an agent and his/her new partner
    A monster hunter/partner plot - This could potentially involve up to four people or simply doubling up, which I don't often do.
    I have a vampire/werewolf hybrid character with a very vague plot

    Lastly I have a very large selection of previous plots that I wouldn't mind playing again if it come down to it.

    That's all there really is right now. So umm...shoot me a PM or respond here if you'd like. If you directly PM me do me a favour and add the name of your favourite musician or band in the title of the PM conversation. That way I KNOW you actually read everything, haha.

    Thanks for your time, hope to hear from people soon. :)
  2. Just gonna nudge this up a bit... :B
  3. You had me on the werewolf thing. Haha!
    I guess I'm up for another RP. I can also post in a regular basis.
    Don't worry, I write a lot for my own good. And I love to develop plots as well.
    You can check my posts or my resume as well to see If I'm a suitable partner :P.
  4. I"m up for it if your still looking for anyone~ I'm pretty much up for anything but Do like the Little Red Riding Hood theme idea! If there is one you want to do more, I'm open to ideas. If you still are looking, PM Me!
  5. If you guys want shoot me a PM.
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