In Search of a Princess (or two) for a Fantasy plot

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    a long, long time ago, in a kingdom by the name of Terra Vis, there was a golden prince. He was fair of face and full of grace, a charming and outgoing young man who was all a prince ought to be. Intelligent and handsome and strong, he could play nearly any instrument and knew three languages fluently and jousted like a dream, he sang and danced beautifully- there was only one flaw with this prince.
    But it was fine that he was proud, for he was all a prince ought to be and more. His parents arranged a very fortunate and profitable marriage to a princess of a neighboring country, Terra Sylvan. Hers was a land of myth and enchantment long past, all centered in a small forest walled off from the world. Sylvana Noct, the Woods of Night, untouched for a dozen hundred years, as the terms of an ancient treaty with a white hart, the so-called Prince of the Forest. But what was an ancient treaty compared to a marriage with the greatest prince in the world?
    When he asked to hunt in Sylvana Noct, the king hardly hesitated before giving the prince his wish. The treaty was all but forgotten, the forest sealed because of bare formality, surely. What could it hurt? The gates were opened and the prince's hunting party charged in with bows and arrows and spears and hounds and horses.
    On the first day, they found nothing. Not a bird sang from the branches. On the second day, they found nothing. Not a squirrel scampered through the canopy. On the third day, they found nothing. Not even a butterfly crossed their paths. On the fourth day, they finally spotted a doe. She walked towards them, fearless. The golden prince drew his bow, put an arrow through her heart, and declared that the end of the hunt. It was a disappointing hunt, but his wedding was on the morrow, so he needs must return with so little.
    At the altar, he paid for his sins. Just before the words were spoken, the doors of the chapel burst open, and the Prince of the Forest walked in. He was a shapeshifter and an immortal, thousands and thousands of years old, who had signed the treaty into being. Sylvana Noct was his realm, the doe was his wife. So he took from the prince what had been taken from him, and abducted the bride from the altar, bearing her into the forest as his prize, sealing the gates behind him with sorcery.

    Our RP will be the relationship between the Prince of the Forest and the Princess of Terra Sylvan, as he teaches her the old ways and she teaches him the new. A romantic aspect will likely happen but is not required to.
    I will be playing the Prince of the Forest. As I'm only looking for one, maybe two of these RPs, I am going to be a bit picky about who I take as a partner for the princess. Please please please spellcheck your posts and use legible grammar. Have some skill and a sense of adventure.
    It would also be greatly appreciated if you would tell me about your princess (character sheet, paragraph, whatever). In the even that I get a lot of interest in this plot, I'll use the descriptions to decide which one(s) I like enough to accept the offer. I don't mean to be a snob, I just don't have any interest in having twenty of these and I've gotta screen somehow.
  2. I'm interested in this, both the genre and the potential for directions and character growth are tempting. I have not been terribly active lately as October wasn't so great but now I'm getting back at it and am interested to get some more rp's:) It's late here so I can't get a character up until tomorrow though.
  3. No problem. ^^ We can definitely take this to some interesting places.
  4. This feels more like a skeleton for a character than a full bio, but as I normally can take several days to add and fix things to a bio this is a quite accurate base to my character.

    Name: Shuna Antunian
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21

    Appearance: Brown haired and brown eyed she has a relatively average appearance with an oval face, almond shaped eyes, straight nose, a fair but not pale complexion Shuna doesn’t possess a beauty instantly seen. Her hair, reaching just a few inches above her waist as long hair is customary in her country, is a dark copper brown where the reddish hues likes to play in the light. Not too short and not too tall Shuna stands close to 5’6”, with a slender body her womanly curves isn’t overly obvious, just enough so her shape is feminine.

    Outer Personality: As could be expected from a princess, Shuna is well behaved and obedient, she is raised to do the best for her country. Trained to hide behind a kind and calm facade Shuna has rarely, if ever, lost her temper in any place or situation involving the public. She works to be the perfect princess for her country, one that the people could trust in and rely on. Even if she is married off to another kingdom Shuna is determined to do the same for her new home.

    Inner Personality: On the inside she isn’t radically different, she believes that if she could help her people she should do it but her sense of duty conflicts with a want to have a choice like everyone else. When it involves interactions with her family however she has a stronger voice, she dislikes being told what to do, as is with lone children, and a royal one at that, Shuna is a bit spoiled, used to get what she has ever wanted or needed. Among her family she doesn’t mute her opinion and has a more open and outspoken attitude than she normally use and can be quite stubborn to get her way.

    History: Having a quite typical childhood of royalty Shuna has had few truly eventful things happen to her. As a child she was immensely fond of all the enchanting stories of her country, the many stories of the Woods of Night, the prince that was said to live there many years ago, about all the mystical whispers of the past and present. Shuna tired many caretakers and her parents with her never ending interest in those stories.

    As she grew her interest faded only slightly but her free time was limited as her lessons started, history, politics, manners and all other sort of things a princess would need to know. Her time busy with her duties and her growing interest and will to do what she could for her country finally took over most of her past love of the enchanting stories, pushing it to the recesses of her mind where they only emerged in her few moments of alone time.

    Learning she was to marry the prince of the neighbouring country was an arrangement full of conflict for her. She knew it was her duty as a princess, to do what would help and strengthen her kingdom but she also wanted to fight against being led into a marriage with a stranger. Of course he wasn’t an unpleasant man, handsome and of good reputation and Shuna knew many arranged marriages worked perfectly, it still went against her nature.
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  5. Looks good. ^^ I think our characters could be nicely compatible.
    What medium would you prefer to have this over? I'm fine with a board, but I'm flexible.
  6. I've done both through forums and pm's so I'm fine with either.
  7. I think a board would be a bit easier for me. I have a tendency to accidentally bury and forget PMs.
    I'll have it up in a moment.
  8. Works for me:)