In Search of a Partner or Two

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  1. Hello Everyone!
    I am searching for a partner or two as my title says. I am new to the site and I am not familiar with the labeling system here just yet, but I assure you I have no issues with replies and can keep up with everyone pretty well. By this I mean length wise.

    I do have a few requests though. I am currently in school and I have work. I will do my best to reply everyday, but sometimes things get away from me. If I get busy and won't be able to reply for a day or two I will definitely let you know. I am not one to just leave people hanging.

    I'd like it if you had decent spelling and grammar and would post at least 3 paragraphs. I would also prefer that you play both a male and a female. I love doubling and will do the same. I only ask this because I do not much like playing the male, but I will do so if absolutely necessary.

    Well, aside from those few things I have no more rules/requests.

    Here are just a few of the things I am interested in. If you see anything that sparks your interest let me know. Also, if you have anything you don't have a partner for just ask!
    Harry Potter
    Original Plots ( I have a few just ask! )
    Walking Dead
    That is all I can currently think of, but if you have something you are interested in at all pleas let me know! I will do my best to play any role you throw at me!​
  2. I would love to do something avengers based or hear your original plot ideas! ^-^
  3. Wonderful! I shall message you.
  4. I would love the bleach one! I have a super idea for it if you're interested!
  5. Sure message me?
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  6. Harry Potter, Avengers, X-Men and Celebrity/Non-Celeb really interest me. :)