In search of A LOT of rp partners(open)

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  1. So first off, I'll list off a few things I do and expect my partner to do as well. Though you don't have to follow everything to the line, I can make exceptions.

    - No one-liners. This is one thing I won't bend on. I post about 1 to 4 paragraphs but can write them longer if needed. i try to copy my partners' response length

    - please have good grammer. I know there are occasional slip ups and all that but at least have a decent understanding of it.

    - I can only play females so please be able to play males. I don't care if you're a guy or girl as long as you can play males.

    I may have missed a few things but we can figure that out through pm if it does come up. Anways, onto the pairings!

    human x mythical creature
    anthro x anthro
    furry x human
    pirate x stowaway
    pirate x pirate
    thief x cop
    famous person x normal person (have a plot)
    vampire x werewolf (have a plot)
    angel x vampire

    general idea topics:​

    Arranged marriage
    forbidden love
    enemies turned lovers

    There's probably a lot more but I can't think of them at the moment CX
    So if you're interested in any of these, feel free to pm me or message down below :)

    I do have plot ideas for rp's so feel free to pm me for a list of them. Anways, I hope to get a few rp partners :)​
  2. I'm interested! Do you have any ideas for human x mythical creature?
  3. Arranged marriage sounds fun right now! c:
  4. Still looking for partners
  5. "I am interested in the vampire x werewolf.
  6. awesome :) Just send a pm and we can talk more about it.
  7. Hello I was just wondering you were still looking for partners, if so I'm interested in thief X cop
  8. I'm always open for more partners :) Just send me a pm and we can talk more about it
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.