In Need of Roleplays

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  1. So, I'm finding a lot of free time on my hands lately so I would like to add some more RPs to my list (I think I have 6-7 going as it is right now).

    I'm up for pretty much anything, but I do like to play for timid, possibly socially awkward character OR crazy, outlandish, 'can't be labeled' characters. I can play a guy or a girl, doesn't matter to me, and I can do any plot including romance, but I haven't dabbled much in horror, (But Im willing to try if you'll be patient with me!) :)

    My posts can range from two paragraphs (which is usually the very beginning but afterwords it dwindles to --->) shorter 1-3 line posts (I'm trying to work on that, seriously.) I guess it depends on my level of interest in the story.

    So, I'm here if you want to talk. Any ideas you have, even if it isn't an entire plot, we can talk about and work on :)

    Thank you :D

  2. I dont have any current ideas popping up in my head but I feel your pain I'm currently in the same position TwT do you think we can collaborate together? o.o
  3. I would me patient, pick me for some horror! *jumps around*
    Do you have a specific thing you would like to try? What about the era?