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  1. I'm out of roleplay partners and need someone to get back into the swing of things with me. This post won't look as impressive as some other with their flashy colors and such, but please don't let that push you away. I am mainly in for M X F (me as M, obviously) or maybe F X F (why not try something new). I am most into sci-fi, medieval, fantasy, eastern asian, anime, and any combination. Really the only thing I don't really like is slice of life. I can do modern, but mainly if it's like a sci-fi modern and not in the ways of today. Basically, when I say that, I mean like something like skyrim, but without the magic and with architecture and the like being modern (so cars, guns, etc. but with people being able to be adventurers and stuff). Romance is a must, inclusion of erotic roleplay will be discussed from person to person. I am open to smut, but I would prefer you to be an adult member for smut. Sex > Plot or Plot > Sex either works with me. I just ask that you come with an idea in mind as I am still kind of in college atm and don't really have time to formulate plots, nor am I really could with the base idea. PLEASE and let me repeat PLEASE just message me and don't comment on this thread as I am more likely to miss it. This is always open. I just have one big rule and i mean BIG rule. That is, if you are not going to be around the RP for some time (more than a few days or so) than PLEASE tell me. I have had many issue with people just disappearing from my RPs and I have no idea if they are gone for good or not. As a continuation, PLEASE let me know if you are losing interest in the RP or if you won't be able to continue the RP for whatever then just tell me. I won't hold a grudge against you unless you just walk off without a word in the middle of the night. I also try my best to reply multiple times a day (or at least once). Just adhere to my rules and I will do the same thing for you. Even if it just writers block, just tell me. I get it too (probably more than I'd like to admit) don't force replies out of yourself. Thank you, and pleas take a brownie on the way out. :3

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  2. Hello! I just wanted to drop in and offer a quick, friendly reminder.

    Due to federal law, Iwaku has strict rules about 18+ (red star) members roleplaying sex scenes with 17- (cyan star) members. While I am quite confident I know exactly what you meant, it is usually for the best to explicitly state that you will only roleplay sex scenes with members who are over 18 when you are posting in a mixed-age forum. That way, you don't get any confusion with unknowing teen members trying to approach you for smut, thinking you might be okay with it because you only "prefer" adult members. :)

    I'll leave this request here (unless you want me to move it) since you are simply saying you are open to smut, but if you ever want to create an interest check where you know it is safe to request smut no matter what, that would be a great moment to head on over to the Libertine forum. Since it is age-restricted, you know there's no way to accidentally solicit the wrong age group. :D

    That's it! Thanks for your time.
  3. I haven't actually been over to the libertine side of the forum too much, could it be possible for you to simply copy the thread and have it there as well without having to move it entirely?
  4. I cannot make a duplicate of a thread, my apologies. But it should be easy enough for you to copy-paste what you have written into a new post in the Libertine forum, if you want one there as well. :D
  5. I do have a concept idea that I am willing to do if anyone is interested. It is sentient weapons (swords, axes, etc.) my rp won't be restricted to that so if you don't wanna do it but still would like to have me as a partner that is perfectly fine
  6. Oh, some extra little information that I think might be relevant.

    Post lengths (cause people care about these I guess): I'm not a very long poster and won't expect the same. I prefer shorter posts (like a couple f paragraphs is usually long by my standards), but if you like longer posts, then I will work with you as long as you work with me.

    Pairings: Like i stated up in the main part, i will usually only do MxF (with me as M), but if you wish I will do FxF cause why not try something new? This is rather important point though and this is just a personal reasons thing, I am looking for the RPer to be female themselves. Again, it is just personal issues that I just can't do it if the other is a guy. It's nothing personal toward anyone.

    and that is about it, hopefully people see this last commenty bit.
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