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  1. I'm back after a long, unexpected hiatus, but a vigorous schedule has caused me to realize I really have to keep the number of roleplays I have now down to a little less than a handful. I'd like to find one or two roleplays to help me pass what free time I currently have.

    About me as a roleplayer: I love the skirt rule. Long enough to cover anything, short enough to keep things interesting. (Excuse the highly sexualized writing metaphor(? I believe my terminology is correct)) I like romance, and I will oblige anyone over 18 in a detailed scenes related to sex, but sex isn't all that interesting to me as a person (I'm asexual), so suffice it to say I won't be exceptionally skilled in that area.
    I will only play male in a case where it's doubles, and would greatly prefer that if we went that route we played two different plots. Otherwise I'm likely going to get bored, and no one wants that.
    I tend to prefer to roleplay as a human, but I'm not against roleplaying with humanoids. I'm always open to trying new plots, and if you're no longer interested in a roleplay we have running, let me know! I won't be offended.

    I don't have any specific plot ideas at current, so fire away. I hope to roleplay with you soon!
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  2. Pm me I have some pairings if you want to look at! :)
  3. Bumping up!
  4. Hello. I'm interested :) Perhaps read my profile and send me a PM if you find me interesting.
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