In need of my very first roleplay (:

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  1. I AM IN NEED OF A ROLEPLAY (obviously)​
    Preferred Genre: I'd really enjoy something romantic. If that's not the case, something involving fantasy sounds just as good to me, as well. :) Like, faeries, werewolves, elves, vampires etc... A Dystopian plot also sounds very nice, I have a few ideas for this, to be quite honest. Or a kidnap roleplay!(I have ideas for all of them :3)​
    Preferred Gender/Orientation: In general, I'd much rather play a female but if it causes many troubles, I am open to play a male character. (:

    Preferred Length: I would very much enjoy lots and lots of details! :D I mean...novel like responses are what I'm reaching for but I can settle for a few paragraphs, at the minimum, two. :)

    Preferred Style: First person is always a bonus. But I can very well settle with a third person roleplay (past or present tense, same applies to first person.)

    Random things you should know: I'd really love to get along with the person with whom I am roleplaying with. I mean, what fun would it be if a roleplay went on and the two writers hated one another? Not fun at all, if you ask me. :/
  2. If you are still looking, I would possibly be interested ^^

    I have a few ideas that you might like, if you would like to hear them.
  3. I'm all ears! ^-^
  4. Idea 1--Sort of fantasy-ish: A disease spread throughout the world, killing off most humans. Those that didn't die became mindless beasts as seen in movies like I am Legend, if they weren't lucky. Those that were developed genetic mutations, which passed on to their children. The mutations caused changes that could only be explained as dhampirs, shapeshifters, and mages. It would be about banding together, getting a cure made, and surviving, basically.

    Idea 2--Yay! Fantasy!: In this world, there are only a few healers. Each of them have their own magicks and powers, and anyone can be a healer, but there's one catch: every sickness and injury they heal is reflected back on the healer.

    Idea 3--Somewhat fantasy but more sci-fi: A utopian version of our world literally sits on top of a world stuck in medieval times. The rich are on top, the poor are stuck at the bottom, and there are many who question why this came to be.

    Idea 4--Genre-bended!: A world in which magic was so powerful that it created an apocalypse, and now the characters are living in a non sci-fi post apocalypse.

    Idea 5--More genre-bending!: A fantasy world that has developed electricity.

    Idea 6--Super fantasy!: A magic system where anything written in red ink becomes true. However, red ink has become increasingly rare as the king stockpiles all of it in order to gain power over not only his enemies but his people, too.

    Idea 7--Nerdy fantasy!: A world where magic is like computer programming. Mages can write magical spells like you would write HTML or JavaScript and sell them to commonplace people.

    Idea 8--Science fantasy!: A fantasy world advanced enough to parallel Earth in 2013.

    Idea 9--FANTASY: A world with magic suddenly loses its magic.

    Idea 10--Don't have a genre for this one: A fantasy where an underground (literally) communication network exists. Like Minecraft.

    The first two I'm already in rps for, but the rest of them are open. I know they aren't much, but I like to keep the plots open for discussion and such, so if you're interested in any I'd be happy to rp these with you ^^
  5. I like the 6th idea - seems fun! :D
  6. Okay. Do you have anything to put into the plot, like an idea on who the characters should be, etc?