In Need of Active Partners, Will Take Anything!!

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  1. Hey, everyone! Call me EquinoxSol :D

    I'm in desperate need of a partner who has these traits:

    • Good spelling/grammar
    • Decent post length. Have a minimum of 2 paragraphs per post, but more will make me love you!
    • Isn't afraid to bring their own ideas to the table (No completely passive people!)
    • Is open to m/m or m/f (NO f/f)
    • Is active during the day and at night. I know people have lives and things come up, but I am so bored during the day!
    • Is descriptive!
    • Won't disappear on me without notice
    • Know the difference between the different types of fantasy please...
    If you have these traits, reply here! I am open to any idea, no matter what, unless it is heavy historical, high school romance, or anything listed in my roleplayer's resume as a no-go.
    Some things about me, to help you with ideas and stuffs:
    • My favorite genres are steampunk, high fantasy, dark fantasy, dystopia, realistic, modern fantasy, and many others. My roleplayer's resume contains more genres, as well, so check there.
    • In m/m rps, I will play any role you give me, but I like playing the uke/submissive one better.
    • I like to laugh when I read replies, but only if it's intentional and not overdone. Got that?
    • I prefer not to make a character sheet when I roleplay, since I usually make up my character on the spot, and not predetermine them.
    If you're still interested, and haven't been scared away by my crazy roleplayer-ness, either message me with your ideas, or post them here!
  2. -Flails arms- I'm bored too and thus to find the cure we should plot something. I love anything fantasy (Past, modern, or futuristic), dystopia, sci-fi (I'm not so good with techno babble so it ends up more futuristic) magic anything, horror, and more fantasy lol. I've never really gotten heavy into steampunk though it is something I'd love to try.

    Anyways so yea. We should plot something.
  3. [​IMG]

    Of course!

    I haven't done a decent steampunk in a long time, so maybe a steampunk/dark fantasy thing would be good. I've also been trying to get into sci-fi stuff, so maybe that would be good, too, as a dark sci-fi...

    Do you have any ideas already? If you don't we can just start from scratch if you want ^^
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  4. That gif is priceless <3

    Steampunk/dark fantasy or sci-fi/dark fantasy sounds lovely. Sadly none of the ideas I have in my own search thread are steampunkish. So that just means we get to start from scratch! :D Also I notice toy like to play elves and since I like elves too I think we should do something with elves.
  5. How about an elves + steampunk sort of thing?

    As for plot, I have no ideas. Umm....Maybe some sort of disease is running through the major cities, and the government is struggling to find the best minds to find a cure for it....and our characters are a couple of them? I don't even know.

    Maybe I should take a few minutes to think up some ideas xD
  6. Alright well elves + steampunk is a start. :D I'm gonna take a break also and come up with a few ideas. Then we can come back and throw em around and develop em better. :3

    I've gotten ideas from the wonderful internet!

    1. One of our characters is related to a skypirate, and a noble that he/she is to marry thinks that makes them unfit to wed.
    2. A young man/woman is brought before the king/earl/lord/nobleman to answer for crimes that they did not commit. The nobleperson's eldest child tries to convince their father that the prisoner is innocent, even though they have no proof.
    3. A device is delivered to the local Museum of Anachronism, but no one appears to know what its purpose is, and therefore it is put in the back rooms for for investigation.
    4. Two young people who know each other (either by having the same tutor/go to school together (college or highschool)) and one of them convinces the other that the unlocked airship they find is alright to fly. Neither has flown one before, as an added.
    5. Investigating a chain of assassinations upon the Clockwork Masters.
    6. World's Fair setting
  8. I wrote down a few ideas! Lemme throw those out here and I'll point out the ideas of yours that I like. (Which seem much better than my ideas.)

    1. Curriers whom come across an object of power or significance; resulting in a chase.
    2. A pair of treasure hunters
    3. 2 thieves after the same thing
    4. They get caught up in someone elses war/revolution
    5. A bounty hunter catches a thief whom claims they were framed
    6. One character has to escort a noble/royal character

    Those are my best ideas. Now. LOVE the idea of two characters taking an airship which neither knows how to fly. That just sounds hilarious. Also the son/daughter of a skypirate whom is supposed to wed a noble also sounds a little interesting to me.
  9. Your fifth idea caught my eyes xD

    Maybe we could fit in my airship idea with that, sometime in the rp.

    What character do you want to play, and do you want it to be m/m or m/f?
  10. My fifth idea is close to your second idea. :D And I'm happy with putting in the airship idea in the role play somewhere. As for character.... HM... I'm not sure! D: Which would you rather play? I'm leaning towards guard but really I'm fine with either. And for pairing... x_x I don't care either lol. I'm not much help I know. D: I usually go for mxf but I don't mind playing mxm, and I have no mxm pairings as of right now in my current role plays. Which do you favor seeing as I'm happy either way.
  11. Mxm would probably be my go, so if you're fine with it, I will be, too ^^ For my character, being the thief is fine with me :D

    Do you prefer having character sheets or not? I don't care either way, but some people are rather sticky about that...
  12. Nah I don't much care for character sheets. I like to describe it all in the role play. :3 Mxm and thief sounds good to me!

    If we're ready, I can post the thread :D
  14. I believe we are ready. :D Post away! Sorry for the long wait. I totally left the house with my husband to get some dairy queen. :3
  15. Mmmm, Dairy Queen :D

    I'll put the link here when I've posted it ^^
  16. Just so you know, s'mores blizzards are the bomb.

    YAY!! -goes to reply before bed-
  17. Ooooh, that sounds amazing. I MUST have one xD
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