In need of a roleplay! (:

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  1. Preferred Genre: I'd really enjoy something romantic. If that's not the case, something involving fantasy sounds just as good to me, as well. :) Like, faeries, werewolves, elves, vampires etc... A Dystopian plot also sounds very nice, I have a few ideas for this, to be quite honest. Or a kidnap roleplay!(I have ideas for all of them :3)
    Preferred Gender/Orientation: In general, I'd much rather play a female but if it causes many troubles, I am open to play a male character. (:

    Preferred Length: I would very much enjoy lots and lots of details! :D I mean...novel like responses are what I'm reaching for but I can settle for a few paragraphs, at the minimum, two. :)

    Preferred Style: First person is always a bonus. But I can very well settle with a third person roleplay (past or present tense, same applies to first person.)

    Random things you should know: I'd really love to get along with the person with whom I am roleplaying with. I mean, what fun would it be if a roleplay went on and the two writers hated one another? Not fun at all, if you ask me. :/
  2. Sounds pretty fun, actually. I'm down with Fantasy/Romance (Why not both, eh?). I'm fine with Third or First, either or really works. Why not share your ideas?
  3. I thought I was watching this thread - sorry!

    Well, here's one idea: Ocean creatures (mer-people, water hybrids and water nymphs etc..) and Ground creatures (Werewolves, Minotaurs, Earth Elementals etc...) are at war. For what reason? No one knows, they simply know that the two loathe each other despite their first creation was with the intention of being in harmony with one another.

    I'm sure I could come with more details but that's all I have, really. Obviously, there would be one ground creature and one ocean creature and it'd be a forbidden love kind of thing. And maybe there could be a bigger picture, like, mother nature herself is trying to destroy what she's created for whatever reason? Or perhaps the kingdoms simply want domination and whatnot.

    2. There's this war breaking out between two species and then one of the leaders of the opposing team gets injured and perhaps an enemy servant ends up helping he/she and as the two begin finding their way back to where they think the war is going on, they fall for each other. (This one needs to be thought out.)

    I could've sworn I had more ideas than this. T.T Sorry about that. Do you have any ideas? I'll try and recall my better one, I think I have the plot written out someplace )

    Once more, did you have any ideas?

    There's the cliche hunter/hunted ones if ever.
  4. Heh, Romeo and Juliet themes for the win!

    I kind of had a theory of VampiresXWerewolves at war kind of thing? Maybe to incorporate your kidnap thing (gonna use letters to represent characters here), maybe X, the leader of the Vampires, kidnap Y, the daughter of the Werewolf's leader, and Z, son of X, falls in love with her, and tries to get her out, getting him banished from the the Vampires?
  5. That works for me, I like it~
  6. That is so cliche.

    Too many twilight themes.
    Where's the violence?

    Anyways, here's something of a modern-day failed containment.
    Scientists find a man with a secret, albeit he appears as a human, he really isn't.

    So to be sure, they make the decision to run a variation of tests, endurance, stamina, strength, the whole nine yards.

    Eventually, he gets ill of these tests and manages to, well; gruesomely murder all of these scientists in his own way before getting out of the laboratory and back out into society.

    Ultimately, he's extremely uncomfortable, untrusting of anyone considering what he had just went through.

    He gets stares, people noticing his presence, like he'd just been through a lot of shit, and he takes shelter behind some store front, one of which (your character) would own.

    At first, she's confused, being new to the store and everything, but (my character) had been visiting regularly. A number of people then come looking for him, but she doesn't know who he is, or why they want him.

    They come to the discovery of his whereabouts and proceed in attempts to take him captive, to which is met with extreme refusal, resulting in some violent splay of chaos therein the store front.

    In fear, she cowers behind the counter, until all had been settled, and looks among the only survivor, being (my character), who seems highly unsettled.

    At first, she's quite fearful of him, but he begins to explain his situation to the point of her own understanding.

    And from there, they make an attempt to establish a relationship.
  7. Cliche isn't always bad.

    Anywho,Punt, we good, then?
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