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  1. Well...before I get to the idea....I need someone to play the other person. They can be male or female. This is going to be a fantasy/scifi type rp. So the other character can be alien, demon, vampire, werewolf ect. But they need to have some sort of power or powers.
    Alright well here is the idea:

    My character is a wanted criminal, I will explain about that later, they are on an air ship with your character who is also a wanted criminal. They both think that this air ship is going to some sort of prison. But they are both wrong...dead wrong. Instead, they are taken to a very large castle, which belongs to a royal family. The king has requested our characters, because they are two of the most wanted criminals. And the only reason that he has requested them is because a group of people...let's call them bandits...came into the castle and raided it take a lot of valuable well as the kings twin children- A prince and princess. And he wants to hire our characters to track down these bandits and kill them and bring back his children alive. Of course our characters won't agree to do this, mine would prefer prison, you can make up a reason for your character. The king then says that he will pay each of our characters a hefty sum of money to get them back as well as redeeming the characters...(making them not wanted). My character is only going to do this for the money, for he likes being a wanted criminal. And well you can decide if your character takes the money and also the other offer and just does it for the money- which wouldn't really affect the rp or matter to me.

    So that is the jist of the rp...I'll come up with more details once someone decides they want to join in on the fun.
  2. Sounds cool. :)
  3. Alrighty. Well I guess I can explain why my character is wanted. It's for murder, he had murdered quite a few the triple digits as well as thievery. But I haven't decided what race my character is yet. And maybe that the twins are on a different planet, just to make it interesting and have them trapped in a ship together. If you don't mind could they not get along? And in fact not like each other a the beginning?
  4. That's fine. Could my character be a magic user? Like a Mage or something?
  5. Sure! They can use magic. I just have to think of what bad ass characters I have stashed away... lol xD But since you said there was going to be romance later on and I agreed to it, could your character possibly be female then?
  6. ok! Thanks...hmm...well...I could use my one character named Dagger who is vampire...but I dunno if you would want me to use him...because there is something special about him...and no he doesn't sparkle....
  7. Lol. Yay! No sparkles! And I don't care. Whoever you want.
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  8. lol xD I hate that idea of vampires sparkling...T_T Well you see he was experimented on by his own kind to try and get rid of all of the weaknesses that a vampire made or born the allergy to the sun. So the experiments were a success and he can go out into the sun and stuff without getting burned and such...yes he can die beheading him. Oh and also he's albino.
  9. Lol sounds like a charmer. For some reason I could already hear her calling him an albino bitch lol
  10. lol xD oh and he has temper and anger problems as well xD So it would just make him angry! lol xD
  11. Lol I see this being a funny one lol
  12. lol me too xD I guess we can make the CS here. And then I shall post the first post when I get because after I create my CS I am going to bed.
  13. Name: Dagger Alexander Caine
    Age: Looks 22 but is really 256.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Vampire
    Show Spoiler
    : [​IMG]

    Crimes committed: Murder as well as thievery.
  14. I am going to use the same character but I'm changing some things and developing her a bit differently so don't panic lol

    Name: Kieara biaer
    Age: 21
    Gender: female
    Race: Mage
    Appearance: look at pic attatched
    Crimes: murder

    Attached Files:

  15. lol Ok, I kind figured xD And approved. I'll post the thread after I handle all my other rps.
  16. Oh I and I forgot to mention Dagger can be a lot xD And he has a lot of mental issues....I should have wrote them all down xD I'll just list them the best I can xD
    He has
    Bi-polar Disorder
    Anti-Social personality disorder

    Umm...I think that is it.....if I come up with more I shall post them. lol xD
  17. But the only problem I have is I can't think of a title for the rp. maybe you have something for the title?
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