INTEREST CHECK In Need of a few Rps.

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  1. Well, I am new to this site, but not role-playing. So, as you cam imagine I am in need of a few role-plays.
    I am not sure if you guys do the whole rules thing, but I'm going to add just a couple small ones beforr I'd be willing to role-play with you.
    1. Please be willing to play a male or double
    2. Please post at least 3 paragraphs...I get sad if there's any less

    That's it I guess. If you are still here below are some things I like to role-play. If what you want isn't listed feel free to ask me about it I lie trying new things. Oh and I will do mature role-plays.

    Harry Potter
    Anime ( just ask about your favorite )
    Fantasy(includes alll mythical creatures)

    Hakuouki: Demon of the fleeting blossom
    Real life
    Pacific rim

    Please let me know if I did this wrong. Like I said I'm new and haven't quite figured everythinf out yet. Thank you for your time. I hope I get to rp with you soon!
  2. Hello, welcome to the site :)

    I am willing to double and can match my replies in length to your own.
    Did you have anything in mind for Harry Potter?

    I'm Nica by the way, nice to meet you.
  3. Well, you can call me keeper. I'm not keen on giving my name because everyone says I'm lying lol. And no not in particular. Would you like to brain storm in a message though?
  4. Sure, sounds good :)
    Nica is a nickname, it's easier than my real name. Haha.
  5. My names easier...I just share it with a famous persin who has the same hair color as me -.- would you like me to message you or you message me?