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In My Pants!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Fluffy, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. I don't think I see a thread for this anywhere... If there is, delete mine. 8D

    Simple game, most of you know the drill. Put the title of a song and put "in my pants" at the end of it!


    Hungry Like the Wolf in my pants!
  2. Another way to die...In my pants
  3. The four horsemen....in my pants
  4. The Peace! in my pants
  5. (Good one Zyph)

    The Suffering in my pants
  6. Kimagure Princess in my pants
  7. Yesterday...in my pants
  8. Meet the Monster in my pants!
  9. Mr. Roboto in my pants! *gasp*
  10. XD

    Over and Over in my pants~
  11. haha

    row row row your boat in my pants!
  12. King For a Day in my pants!
  13. It's Raining Men in my pants XD
  14. XD

    Whiskey Lullaby in my pants
  15. Nothing ever dies in my pants..


    Ground control to major tom in my pants...

    Rock steady in my pants...

    Ninja in my pants!

    SITUATION CRITICAL in my pants. >_<
  16. Think about you - In my pants