In Love With A MadMan(MxM)

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  1. It takes a special person to love a madman. _________ is that person. He is the sniper/personal guard of one of the most intelligent and dangerous men in London: Moriarty. Moriarty is a psychopath, he runs the criminal web of London yet hardly anyone has seen his face, most believe that he is just a legend. _______ is one of the few people he trusts enough to protect him. Of course _____ knows better than to try to double cross this psychotic man who could go from sweet and childish to cold and cruel in less than a blink of an eye. However, ______ is tough and pushes Moriarty in a way that no one else could. He does this because he is in love with him. And Moriarty knows it so he teases and uses him seeming like he really loves him one moment but then is with someone else the next. All of this to rise a 'fun' response from _____. For some unknown reason ______ puts up with all of this, mostly because he can see a vulnerability in Moriarty's cold calculating eyes that no one else can. Especially at night when he would go into one of his childish episodes where he acts completely opposite of his usual cruel nature, _______ is the only one who has witnessed him in this state. Will ______ be able to put up with Moriarty's games and get this madman to fall in love with him? And will Moriarty's constant need for entertainment and excitement get him caught or killed in the end, leaving _______ heartbroken.

    So yes this was originally a MorMor plot, but apparently no one is interested In that ship. So I figure it doesn't actually have to be MorMo, it can just be a cool villain x Sidekick kind of thing. Anyways here are some guidelines for this story

    SemexSeme relationship AKA its a constant battle for dominance with moriarty winning most of the but every once and awhile ____ will win.

    ______ is strong and brave NOT a puss and should maybe have some military background. Above all he is madly in love with moriarty but isn't a sap about it.

    Lots of action, blood and suspense

    very few sweet moments (some subtle hints at love though), except when moriarty goes into one of his childlike episodes

    My characters name will remain James Moriarty but the plot will have nothing to do with Sherlock and all that jazz. ((unless a MorMor shipper comes along and wants to this this as a mormor roleplay)))

    Finally I would like to use real pictures however I will use anime if you are uncomfortable with real.
  2. Could I give this a go with you?
  3. yeah totally! :) I'll make the thread and post my character profile (doesn't have to be anything fancy) and if you have any questions at all feel free to ask me :3
  4. Oops, I was never watching this thread, aha. Alright, and just to warn you, I haven't watched Sherlock Holmes before. I know it isn't necessary, but I'm just letting you know, haha. :]
  5. its perfectly fine ^^ there will be no mention of Sherlock, my character is simply inspired by James Moriarty because I honestly love him xD
  6. Out of curiosity, do you prefer blondes or brownheads? >-> I can't seem to make up my mind on Jace's appearance, xD
  7. ooohhh depends on the eye color buuut gotta say I like blondes more
  8. Okay, I was leaning more toward my blonde, haha. He's got icy blue eyes. heheheh
  9. still open, willing to do this with two different people (one already taken obviously) because I am obsessed with playing this character <3 :)
  10. still taking one other partner in this :)
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