In desperate need of a rp partner.

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  1. It seems for me as of late that roleplays are becoming sparse. I've got some good ones going, but I would like a few more, for I am in the stage of only getting a couple replies a day and I have free time to burn. Please! Suggest! At this point i'm up for nearly anything! I have a few ideas we could do myself, but I am open to almost ANYTHING at this point. Below is my information.

    1. Romance please
    2. MxF only
    3. I prefer female
    4. no incest (includes step anythings)
    5. SUGGEST I would love to find something new to try.
  2. Well I too have been looking for a roleplay partner as of late, I wouldn't mind trying a few roleplays with you and I suppose I have a few simple ideas in mind. I will warn you I don't have much experience with purely romantic stories but I am not above trying them. Before I ramble off my list of ideas what kind do you like? Ones with fantasy themes or more realistic ones? Do you plan on this roleplay having any, er, mature themes to it?
  3. I like both equally, and when it comes to mature themes usually my rps involve abuse in my character's past, or sex. but sex is usually just one or two scenes and i dont care to skip them
  4. Eh, although I don't mind doing romantic stories and although I don't have any trouble with abuse or similar things I personally don't feel really comfortable with the other type of mature content. I suppose if you don't mind not including those elements in the roleplay than we could come up with something.
  5. Sounds like I could be perfect! :D haha not to be boastful or anything. I am not much help for "new" Ideas but I can type something up and we can go from there c:
  6. @ Axinite: Well, if you would be ok with skipping those parts that is fine with me, but I don't like limiting myself not to be rude. I'm fine with skipping over it and not rping it out, but I like to leave the element there in case we were to decide for a character to get pregnant or somehting.

    @ Kukki: Sure thing. Would be more than willing to hear. XD
  7. So you just want me to make up something? c:
  8. Sure. XD You can PM it to me if you like.
  9. I like writing twists on fairy tales, so there is always that romantic element involved.
    I don't know why but animal shifters seems to be on my brain.
    Do you like games? Shows? And have a favorite fairy tale?
    Sorry just trying ro bounce ideas C:
  10. Cool. I love assassins creed but i'm new to it. I've only played revelations and i'm not all the way through it. And I like fantasy too.