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Fantasy, Modern, Historical Romance.
In Confidence

A dramatized (and not very successfully anonymized) periodic update of happenings and gossip from all the various ICs. If you would like the Lady to mostly ignore your thread, or to include a specific piece of gossip in her sheet, you can submit it in To the Lady, or message me privately.
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In Confidence
Issue 1.0​

Well, well. A new season has begun, and the ton is abuzz with expectation. As ever, this Lady will faithfully relay the best of the ton's affairs. And perhaps the worst, as well. Already, the latest case of Baroness A- is causing a stir among the well-bred ladies of London. And by case, my dear reader, I mean, of course, the court case brought against her for accusing a maid of stealing her jewelry and taking the law into her own hands. A breach of noblesse oblige if ever one could be claimed. Said baroness has chosen to sponsor a distant relation for this season, though it is much wonder she should expect her reputation so quickly recovered over such a gesture. Can any ladies trust, after all, that the baroness's intentions are true when the maid in question was no older than the poor young lady she is directing her generous attentions to?

- A Lady
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