In a Zombie Apocalypse...

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  1. I have been thinking lately about zombies and one of my questions is "If there are a Zombie Apocalypse where would I hide or go?"


    1) Where would you hide?

    2) Who are you saving?

    3) Would you kill zombies? And if yes, with what weapon?

    STUFF LIKE THAT...Or whatever you can come up with.

    So I start first. If there was a zombie apocalypse I would go either to Sam's club or Walt Mart(food!) I am saving, uhh hopefully my little brother <3 . I will kill zombies if I need to with anything that could be use as a weapon.

    Because it used to be the apocalypse that terrified me the most.

    But not any more! 8D We have a plan!

    We have an entire house full of weapons. Swords, axes, knives. We're good to go on that front. 8D

    We have a bigass van so the whole family can hope in there.

    We've figured the best place to go is the Simmons Dog Food plant down the street, cause most people wouldn't think to go there and there's very few ways to get IN the building. It'd be secure against sneaky zombie sneakins. There's also tons of dog food to eat if we're desperate for food.

    Make sure during your escape to pack lots of SOCKS and good sneakers, cause you're going to be on your feet and running a lot. O__O You'll prolly also want a can opener or sharp knife. When you go foraging through people's houses for food, a can opener would be useful.

    You'd only need to survive for a couple months. 8D Heat/Cold would eventually break down and rot out the zombie bodies. Unless they're not undead zombies, then you might be fucked for awhile. >>;
  3. 1) Where would you hide?
    I would probably hide in buildings with many exit's so that I could easily get out when the zombies came.

    2) Who are you saving?
    I would probably save myself because I would be to scared to care about anyone else xD But if I would be able to save someone it would probably be one of my best friends, I have no idea who of them but the first one I were able to get to xD

    3) Would you kill zombies? And if yes, with what weapon?

    If I found a gun then I would probably try to kill them from a distance while running from them but I think I would get killed. I'm not as badass as I try to look like x)
  4. Lmao I cracked up so badly at the first post, But Its SO True! Lol

    Second, post, now, why in the heck would you want to hide in a building were there are alot of exits/entrances for zombies?!?
  5. Asking a nerd what he'd do in a zombie apocalypse is an interesting paradox, see, most of us have considered the scenario and we think was have a plan. However should the situation come up, the question becomes is our plan implementable? See the problem with raiding Walmart or Sam's club is that's the first place most people are going to look for supplies.

    Now, for my plan, assuming I could roll with it.

    1. Depending on where I saw most people going would help me decide where I'd hole up. I wouldn't want to be in too big a group, as big groups are easy to spot, and unless they have a rock solid defense point (That dog food plant sounds pretty good actually.) large groups would likely be prone to losing people. To say nothing of the possibilities of poor leadership with too many people. I don't have a specific building in mind, more I'd look for something easy to barricade with a good escape route should things go tits up.

    2. My girlfriend and family would be my objective to save. The rest of my friends are either too far away to worry about, or not close enough for me to put my neck out for too far.

    3. I imagine I would have to. acquiring a firearm would of course be ideal, but a bit difficult most likely. I think I'd probably stick with crowbar and/or Machete for melee combat. The crowbar having the added benefit of being a useful tool for breaking into buildings, or as a good wedge for a door.

    The other part of the question of the Zombie situation is the lack of access to things we take for granted. Power would be working for awhile, but bit by bit power plants would go down with no one left to work with them. If you wanted to have it, you'd need to take back the power plant from any Zed inside and reboot it yourself. Food would become a fairly major issue too, given that there would be a lot of competition for it until the Zed's thinned out the numbers of the other survivors (Which of course leads to entirely different problems)

    Then you have to ask, what kind of Zombie virus is it? Is it airborne (You're screwed)? Carried by Vermin? Waterborne? Does it infect if you're bitten? If you're only scratched? Or worse, if you just get zombie blood on you? Or perhaps it only takes effect if you're killed by a zombie? Not sure.

    Are the Zombies Fast? Slow? Have they mutated into various interesting forms like the ones in Left 4 Dead? Or are they fairly normal garden variety brainmunching shamblers?

    ...I...think I may have put way more thought into this than I really ought to.
  6. O-o this leaves me with so much to think about. I think I will need a plan B.