In a world with no purpose or plot there was... ME!

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  1. Hello, hi, howdy, aloha, etc.

    I'm Kira the DaySlayer. Also known as Kira or Alice or Liam.

    May I say it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. What a lovely shirt, brings out your eyes.

    I'm whatever gender I wish to be on any given day but for convenience I go by she and her. I'm a young adult of a mere eighteen years and I've been roleplaying casually for three of them. Go on, guess which three. No, heavens not those three. I was far too busy.

    You maybe surprised to note that I have no favourite genre. I like them all equally! And the same for characters though I have some old profiles I like to dig up every so often.

    What would I prefer from Space Kittens, Angry Marines, Sparkling Vampires or Wolf Packs you ask? Deary me, so many choices. Perhaps wolf packs would be my favourite. They generally have fierce loyalty and dedication that would certainly gain my respect.

    Songs? Why the sudden change in conversation? Well if I must. One can never go past the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Just the first notes of the Time Warp are enough to get me out of my chair and dancing, or perhaps flailing is the better word.

    I suppose that's all from me for now. Don't be a stranger now you hear!
  2. Why thank you. I agree this shirt does bring out my eyes : )

    Welcome to Iwaku. Hope to see you in some threads soon.
  3. I loved your post, made me laugh a lot. Glad someone has my sense of humour. Nice to meet you - by the way. -jerks a thumb at myself- The name
    's Ri. Hope to see you on here
  4. Thanking you warmly October and Ri. Hit me up if you are interested in an RP sometime.
  5. No problem, and will do. -sudden realization- You're the one I'm currently doing that angel rp with, right? :D -excitement- Sorry, I'm overly tired