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Suddenly, the sound of a large crowd filed in, the image becoming busy as people mindlessly bustle by. At their feet, the ground ripples as if it's liquid. A red haired man desperately tried to push through the practically solid wall of people, his mouth indicating that he was screaming but no words came out of his mouth. In that instant, he tripped. All of the people suddenly disappeared, leaving him huddled on the ground, ripples occurring as tears fall from his cheeks.

"I-I can't reach you." he sputtered, now left in the loneliness of silence. He looked up, shouting. "Is there anyone there! Please." He grabbed his chest as if it'd somehow stop this pressure he felt on his heart. A feeling of being crushed by an internal sadness.
A black haired girl laid in a dark room. Groaning as she sat up, holding her aching head, she looked around. The place wasn't familiar, yet was at the same time. She heard the noise of a crowd in the distance from outside. Sitting up, she rushed to the door, just wanting to get out of here.

As soon as she opened the door however, she nearly fell down.

"Ahh!" She screamed, regaining her balance and backing up a few steps. A few of the boards started to break away in the house, falling down to the earth below. Only it made a splashing noise as it landed. The girl looked down through one of the spaces in the floor to see completely white space below. Another board fell and landed in it, and the white acted like water.

"Am I...dreaming?" She asked herself.
The floor had a blur on it as a board fell into it, then disappeared. Above, he could see a door- still heavily obscured as if he was under water. "Hello!" He screamed, his voice cracking as he felt desperation begin to bubble up. "Is someone there?" The white changed to a light green.
The girl got up and started moving away from the hole. Hearing a muffled voice, the girl looked through it again. She thought she saw a boy, then the white changed to light green. He was too he was under water. "Hello?" She called back, making sure she wasn't hearing or seeing things.
In an instant, he began to choke. The floor he had been settled upon began to thrust him upwards as he somehow suddenly achieved buoyancy. Now floating in the water, he began to cough. His eyes stung. He reached an arm up towards the currently faceless woman. "Who... what are you?" He sputtered between coughing fits.
The girl reached out her hand through the hole, feeling worried for the boy, yet not being able to do anything for him from this height. The girl's mouth moved, but no sound came out. She noticed this and tried screaming her answer to the boy, yet she couldn't get hear herself. It must be a dream, it must be a dream... She kept thinking to herself. Despite this, the girl kept trying to answer the boy.
He watched in horror as she screamed wordlessly. Something about it terribly disturbed him. As if grabbed, his head bobbed down under, filling his lungs with water. He began to feel his consciousness fade. He reached the surface for a moment, attempting to yell up for help once more, but water blocked his airway.

In a way, it was frustrating. But in another, it was a terribly peaceful event. Horrifyingly peaceful.
The girl saw how his head went underwater, like he was being pulled down. She was about to jump through the hole, but stopped when she saw the distance between her and the green water below started growing. Finally mustering up the courage to dive into the water and help him, the girl was suddenly in her own room, her alarm clock blaring next to her.

Manami hit the snooze button on her alarm and laid in bed, staring up at the ceiling. "That dream was so strange..." She said to herself. And who was that boy? ​She thought.
Kiyoshi lunged for his alarm clock, desperately attempting to silence it before his sister caught wind of it. He gasped for breath, sweat running down his face. "W-what.... what was that?" Just then, a girl in a tanktop and shorts bombarded into the room, her face.. well, it wasn't happy.

She screamed, grabbing the guy and trapping him in a headlock. Unfortunately, his sister was very active and skilled in martial arts. He reached back, trying to pry himself free of her. "L-Let go! Stop it! You're supposed to be gentle!" He shouted back at her.

She then proceeded to mess up his hair while grinding a fist to his head. "Daaamn yooou! I told you to NOT USE ALARMS." She said. "Stop acting like an angry bear woman!" He finally shoved her away, trying to fix whatever damage had been done to his hair.

"Setsukooo-chan~" A voice called from downstairs, luring her away from stalking her prey. He glared as she walked away, then gave himself a pat on the shoulder for successfully beating the evil bear beast. Tap tap tap. He walked downstairs, his feet giving a nice sound as they touched each wooden step. Mom had prepared breakfast. On the table sat miso soup and a broiled salmon. He grinned, quickly devouring his meal. By the way, when he was downstairs Setsuko somehow already ate her serving. Quite viciously at that.

He grumbled something about a bear catching salmon as he ate, then rushed upstairs to get dressed. "Thanks for the food, Mom!" he shouted as he ran. He straightened his blazer and combed his hair, giving himself a few reassuring thumbs up. Tucking his MP3 player into his pocket and successfully securing his headphones around his ears, he ran out of the house, backpack in hand.

School president surely can't be late.
"Manami!" Came a voice from downstairs, sounding a little frustrated. "Manami-chan~!" Came a younger voice, that was more cheerful than the last. They were both male voices. Her older and younger brother. When she didn't answer them, she heard her older brother talking low and angrily at someone else, followed by footsteps coming up the stairs.

An older boy with glasses and very short hair that was the same hair color as Manami's came walking through her door. "Time to wake up and eat." He said simply in a calm voice. This was Seiji, the second oldest son in the family. "Ryota is getting impatient, and won't let us eat until everyone is at the table. So hurry up." Seiji finished and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Manami slowly got out of bed, but quickly changed into her school uniform. If she kept Ryota waiting any longer then she wouldn't hear the end of it from anyone...

Rushing downstairs, she saw her tall brother, Ryota standing by the table wearing a white apron. He looked very pissed off that she was late to breakfast. Her youngest brother, Toshi, sat at the table along with Seiji reading a book. Manami was the third child of her family, and the only girl besides her mom. Their parents were busy at work, and were hardly home anymore. Ryota took care of the cooking.

She sat down at the table but Ryota only let up his glare on her by a little. "Can we eat now Ryota?" Toshi asked. Ryota kept up his angry look for a moment before sighing. "Yeah, dig in."