In a Heroic Mood

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  1. So, I'm in the mood for some superpowered One[x]One antics. What's my idea? Well, take a look.

    I am the Night

    John Taylor - enigmatic high school student, capable of acing tests of brain and brawn alike. Some would say he's almost superhuman. Yet, despite how much people seem to like him, he always tries to keep his distance from everyone else. He never says whym but nobody seems to question it.
    Shadow Man - the guardian of Gate City. Calm, collected and thoroughly reserved, this hero is known for his amazing acts of heroism. From what has been seen of him, he is likely only a regular human, but he does so much to guard the citizens. The bane of criminals everywhere, and a vigilante that the police feel uneasy about attempting to apprehend, the people regard him highly.
    If you haven't worked it out already, John Taylor is a regular student by day, and a crime-fighter by night.

    A new student appears on the scene, and he/she seems to take a shine to John, for some reason or another. And they are the kind of person that insists on being friends with you, no matter what. Though it annoys him, John copes with it.
    However, when a new hero/heroine appears on the scene, one he recognises but can't quite place the identity of, things begin to go a little awry for the troubled crusader for justice. Who is the new guy/girl on the block? Where did they come from? Where do they go? And why isn't the new kid leaving him alone?


    So, if it isn't already clear, I'm playing a young superhero. You're a new student, and a new superhero on the scene - whether you have powers or not is up to you. Either way, the reason why they have taken an interest in him is up to you. If you're wondering whether the relationship becomes purely platonic, something more, or just the two exhanging bitter glances at every opportunity, then we'll jst have to see hwere things go. I like characters to develop naturally.
  2. I would love love love to be a superhero with you! If you want, I can send you a simple character sheet of my character.
  3. Go ahead, if you like. Though, leave out his/her history - if it's revealed to be shocking, it makes it easier to write an authentically surprised reaction if I didn't know it.
  4. Any chance you'd be willing to start this rp with someone new? Take it in a possibly different direction? Because I love this idea.
  5. Different direction? Do tell.
    Actually, don't tell, it's more fun if it's a surprise.
    Either way, I'll go ahead with it, if you like.
  6. By different direction, I mean start your idea from the top, rping with a different person to see what sort of direction it would take. Would you be willing to make a new thread? I'm still a little new to this site, but not to rping.
  7. Sure, I'm willing to go for it. Just give me a minute or ten to tap up an intro, and we'll be rolling.
  8. Ooooooh I've got such a good idea! I won't tell you. I'll surprise you.
  9. Right. Well, something just came up. I'll be off for a good few hours. Several of them.
  10. You around and wanna start this thing?
  11. I'm trying, but my computer's throwing a hissy fit. I'll start it if I can.