Impromptu Probative Challenge #2

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  1. Hello everyone! Welcome to the "Impromptu Probative Challenge"
    In these challenges I will give you a short prompt; a topic I will give to you to write about.
    However, I want to give things a unique twist.
    You will have a standard plot, but I will give you things you must include in your short story.
    I will give you odd and quirky things that must be used in the story.
    It enables you to be creative and really use your noggin. ^__^ is your prompt.

    The Funeral
    ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
    You are attending a funeral. However, you do not know this person. Nor do you
    know any of the others attending the funeral. Yet, somehow you know that this person
    was murdered, and that one of the people attending the funeral killed them. How do you know this? Describe how your character knows who the killer is, and how they killed the person. Also describe how you confront the killer. You must include a baseball bat in your story.
    Have fun!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.