IMPORTANT: Closed Thread Bug

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I've mentioned this before, but here's a LOUDER notice about it. c___c

There is a bug for mods where they can accidentally close threads with the quick controls. (If they double click a thread icon the thread closes.) This is a REALLY easy mistake to make and happens a lot. The bug has been reported and there is currently no way to turn off that option.

So please, PLEASE if you find your thread closed "for no reason" just contact the nearest online Staffer and ask them to re-open it. 99% of the time it's an accident. Threads closed on purpose will -always- have a last post explaining why.

Getting angry PMs has been making Diana cranky. D:<
And if you send angry PMs to me, I'll troll you and close more of your threads.

...and your friends' threads.

...I'll insult your beliefs too.

...and send you inappropriate porn.
...and send you inappropriate porn.
What defines the line between inappropriate and appropriate? Is it whether or not it stays on topic for the closed thread?[/likely to be deleted question]
I define the line.

Now stop spamming important announcement threads. >:[
Not open for further replies.