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  1. Come here to post all OOC stuff, plot together, and just chat about whatever. This place is an open area, there are really no restrictions on what you put, just don't be a dick.
  2. Where's your Char sheet?
  3. Whooooops
    Here <3


    Name: Lord English

    Character Name: Sebastian Sweet

    Gender: Male


    Age: 17

    Personality: Sebastian Sweet is a manipulative, cunning individual who will do whatever he needs to get what he wants. He's not afraid of scary situations, or husks, but rather the control his power has over him. Sometimes he fluctuates between control and no control, making his mind go crazy. He likes to trick others into trusting him, but sometimes he loses himself in the process. When honest, he softens up and lets himself be who he really wants, which is normal. Unfortunately for him, he can't be normal. Not anymore. He has a very imbalanced personality, and can teeter at any give moment. Usually he keeps a cheerful, definitive mood about him, but even small things can set him off into a childish fit or rage and whining.

    *Height: 5"5

    *Weight: 110 lbs

    Appearance: Sebastian is an albino, so he has very very pale/white skin/hair, eyes and nails. His hair is a little shaggy and long from not cutting it in awhile, and around his eyes is dark sockets from lack of sleep. His fluctuating attitude depicts the expression on his face, be it smiling or frowning. He is very skinny, as he finds food revolting and hates to eat. His usual attire is very fine black clothing to contrast with his white hair. He enjoys making people look.

    *Occupation: WV.

    Background: Sebastian Sweet came from a very normal family. His parents were rich, doting and loving, and grew up very different. He lashed out, and became something completely different altogether. He was picked on at school, which led to private tutoring. That led to Sebastian not having any friends, and eventually creating his own. He lives in his own fantasy world, and because of that his parents sent him to a hospital to check his mental health.
    Near the end, they tried to keep an eye on him, and when he began to cause physical harm to people, his parents kept him locked up.
    Eventually he got out and paid his parents a visit, and lets just say it's a good thing the apocalypse happened, because if it hadn't, he would have been in big trouble.


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