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  1. Hello everyone,

    I go by Tru, but most of you probably will still insist on calling me Imy, I can go by either :3

    Stephanie (Elyd?) convinced me to join...after 4 years of not been on Moonwings/Afta...and prior to that DDBC...I've known some of you since 98 o_O

    I can be found on IMVU and Second Life so maybe I bumped into some of you guys there.

    I'm currently not as social anywhere though at the moment.

    Hm. I do cg art stuff, texture art, and I love to read good stuff...

    <---my avi is my own artwork

    ...I could use to brush up my writing skills. It's been a while -.-

    Nice to meet you/ see you all again :3
  2. Hi, I'm Layne, and I would love to see more of your artwork! x3
  3. Well, this will be my first time meeting you. So, its good to meet you!!!! ^_^. Cant wait to get to rping with you. And everyone (well that i know) is very helpful, and I'm sure Elyd will help you around alot too.
  4. Hello there and welcome to Iwaku ^^
  5. HI IMY! 8D It'll be cool having you here!

    Nice to meet you too :3

    Layne I sometimes post work on Facebook but I try to keep my blog updated too. There is nudity though so just FYI <<
  7. Hi, Imy!
    We already met, and I know that you've looking around the site.
    If you need help, please do ask~ <3
  8. Heyo Imy!~ Said Hiya in chat, but anyways...Heyo again! Welcome to Iwaku~
  9. :D :D :D I logged into the cbox this morning to see Xnij telling me I missed you, but I really hadn't because I talked to you last night! Hi again! Yes, I go by a new name here but you're free to keep calling me Stephanie since you know me by that. <3 I'm sure you won't need much help around the site but I am here allllll the time like Duchess_Bastet said. It's a good community.
  10. Hello Try! Welcome to Iwaku! My name is Rina and if you need any help just ask away, there are enough people willing to help you out :3

    ( P.S) Love your avatar artwork!