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  1. Imagine a small world. A world where the sea is one of clouds, and the sky is a never ending ocean. A world where the ground is covered in feathers, and where birds are covered in grass. A world where castles are built of sand, trees are all crystalline and transparent, and flowers are rare and made of precious jewels. Imagine a world where the rolling hills are flimsy and move like gelatin, and the mountains are smooth and made of glass. Imagine, a world where humans don't exist, but where humanoid races thrive, living in harmony with each other.

    Now imagine all of this gone. Imagine a darkened world, where the crystals are all shattered, the feathers are all barren, and the flowers are gone. Imagine a world where life as known has been torn apart. Imagine..a world at war.

    As it is known, harmony only falls into a state of disrepair and it requires work to return to its former beauty. However, this work is sometimes not as helpful as believed, and can tear the world apart even faster. Now, this glass mountains are jagged and broken. The castles are destroyed and the hills have sunk, forming marshes of smog. The sky seems to cry every day now, and the darker creatures of the sea now easily roam the skies, in wait of a next meal. The species of humanoid creatures all fight amongst themselves as well, and find refuge in this dark world, further pushing it to destruction. Without help, it will simply cease to exist.

    However, amidst this darkened world, there lies a prophecy. A prophecy of a group of different species who will intertwine to help fix the world. Ones who will stop the corrupted rulers of the different species by overtaking them. These are prophesized to be..the revolution.

    Just imagine what would happen if they succeed?

    (If you want to make a character, find the thread in ooc & sign ups)

  2. Sakri ~ Glass Fortress

    The young Dwarn woman rubbed the corner of her staff with a dunfur. The motion was brisk and repetitive, the intent to smooth a small nick. This was the time Sakri set aside every day to see to her weapons. Whether they needed cleaned, repaired, or replaced, she knew her life depended on them and set her priorities accordingly.

    After a few minutes, Sakri set down the dunfur and took her staff in hand, leaving the bench she had been seated on. A messenger entered.

    "Princess," the messenger began politely, "your royal parents request your presence. It concerns the Seve."

    "The Seve always concern them," muttered Sakri, "I'd rather fight an undermyll." Nevertheless, she went to her parents. Besides being her parents, they were also her sovereigns.
  3. Waiting. Staring. Waiting.

    A Goliat perched on a crystallized tree branch in the Iridescent Forest had its dual-colored eyes on a small prey. It was a Jie bird with its lavish green grass coating ruffling in the soft breeze. The small creature had spent the better part of the morning collecting feathers and bits of decayed plants to add to its nest tucked between two jagged pieces of hard mineral extending from the tree's thick trunk; and the Goliat had been watching, as still as the thin and chipped leaves that never budged against the winds efforts. It could hear the oceanic sky above, its waters dark and choppy as if it would soon decide to release its anger on all of the poor creatures that lived below at any moment. The waters held for now though, and the busy Jie had settled down into its nest, its eyes shut.

    The feline knew it wasn't asleep, not yet- so it continued to watch the bird, its small, leathery and disfigured wings twitching eagerly for the meal. A gust of wind forced the bestiary to shut its eyes, fur and feathers pushing oddly to one side. When it was free to see once more without complications, the little Jie had its head tucked downward behind its barrier of twigs, string, and flakes of colored gems. The Goliat crept forward in silence, its claws carefully retracted to not audibly scrape against the branch and scare the prey away. Once it was sure that it was close enough, it leapt and landed right on top of the Jie that squawked once with fright. The weight was enough to crush the bones in the bird's wings and chest, paralyzing it.

    There was no need to eat right away. With a large yawn that flashed off the rest of its teeth as well as its already lengthy fangs, the beast curled up in the Jie's nest, laying on the carcass for safe keeping as it napped. It watched the sky in a daze for a while, spotting a speck of bright red briefly breaching the surface then disappearing once again. Eventually, its eyes closed and the whispers of the forest had lulled it into a slumber where Reni fish colored the Goliat's dreams.
  4. Azura quickly stepped into the nearby shadow of a drape as a servant hurried through the halls. She breathed a sigh of relief and poked her head out from behind the curtains and inspected the halls. Not a soul in sight. Perfect. She checked the spells bound to her feet before continuing her escape.

    Down the main hall, she could spot the large doors that would lead her to freedom.

    Her steps made no sound and traveled at the speed of a gentle breeze. Just before she reached the doors, they began to open.

    With swift thinking, she leaped upward, landing upon a high beam in a crouch and gazed down at the two figures. They were richly decorated. The woman was dressed for a masquerade and was clearly intoxicated by the way she stumbled and giggled, holding on to the arm of the man who just smiled in amusement. The male was a bit taller and dressed in a fine, white fur cloak that covered the clothing beneath. He held what seemed to be a smaller, velvet blue cloak that obviously belonged to the lady.

    "Oh, that was fun, darling! We must hold one far better than that!" The woman laughed.

    Azura silently watched her parents like she would a particularly disgusting bug.

    "I agree. Now shall we get ourselves to bed?" He tempted, leading the stumbling woman.

    "Azura will have a better dress! Did you see her daughter's face when we told her about the last party? Now they will really know their place. I could..."

    As their voices faded away, the young Seve rubbed her face with a sigh. She loved them, but she needed space from this life. It was petty. Her father enjoyed his wealth but he often tried to keep out of the drama. Her mother had to be at the center of it.

    If she ever had any doubts as to whether she wanted to leave or not, she certainly didn't now.

    She turned her head to find the bright silvery light gleaming from an upper window.
    Now that is an escape route, she thought.

    Grinning, she grasped the beams and slipped out, as quiet and lithe as the shadows of night.
  5. Oh how the forest seemed so silent in such a desolated way, where the darker colors melded together, concealing such beauty that there once had been. It was here that Willow found her place, sleeping silently amongst the sharp and ruined branches that held other creatures, humanoid or beastial. Beneath her home for the night, over a bit from the tree in which she slept, she heard the commotion of a goliat, the sounds stirring up interest within the tiny pronce girl, who simply rolled over to catch a glimpse. The creature had found itself its next meal, and seemed satisfied with its catch as it drifted off atop it, keeping it safe.

    The tiniest of smiles flickered on the bird girl's lips, and she chittered gently, moving to step off her branch. Outstretching her arms, the wing like appendages stretched magnificently, the colors of the feathers reflecting off the crystalline trees as she took to a slight glide, making her way to where the cat slept, a slight commotion of her own stirring up from her less-than-sneaky nature. "H-hello there, little guy," she said softly, kneeling beside the cat as she stroked it's head softly, making sure to keep her talons away from it so as not to induce its wrath.

    This was strange for the girl, to mess with such creatures, but her loneliness and the hearing of music across the forest that had her singing along had led her to believe she may be going crazy, which simply gave her more drive to lose the loneliness, if only for a moment. Sure, she had raced a few of the Jie amidst the oceanic sky, but she never went far enough to lose her 'nesting area'. She simply knew that if she came into contact with another humanoid, the consequences could be dire, especially so since she had left the Quell under the ruse of being deathly sick.
  6. "H-hello there, little guy." The words were barely heard by the beast in its slumber, but it felt the odd sensation of being pet. Its front paws began to knead at the side of the stolen nest, its eyes still closed as broken, distorted purrs of sorts were breathed. Slowly but surely, the feline woke up, curling its paws underneath its chest until realizing there was something nibbling at its head.
    The Goliat whipped around, its sudden movement enough to break part of the home the deceased Jie made. A blue and amber eye glared at the humanoid that dared to try eating it, a low growl building up in the back of its throat. When did it even get up in the tree? Had the humanoid been there; watching and hunting as it did? Its jaw opened fractionally as it debated between flight and fight, both of its ears bent back. The tail twitched around behind itself, waiting for the enemy's next move.
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