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~London, 1947

After the second World War Britain knew that it needed some kind of edge in any after the fact. With the construction of the atomic bomb the threat just grew further. This pressed the need for a new breed of human technology, one that was purely operated through the mind.

~Bristol, 1964

With the U.S. CIA now investigating the Kennedy assassination Britain was able to transfer their scientific workload over to the brand new facility in Bristol. With the continued advancement in mind to matter technology MI6 started testing devices in the field. It was not long before they made a successful test.

~Bristol, 1999

With the coming of the millennium and the superstitious fears of the Y2k bug all research has been stopped in order to record everything down on paper. Total paper use during this time was 627,928 sheets of 11x8 1/2 paper.

~Bristol, 2001

After the attacks of 9/11 and the issued war in Afghanistan and soon Iraq, the science facilities needed more field tests for their new modified units. The SAS and CIA were more than willing to help with the tests. There were a few incidents in the field where the device was working while other times it had failed. A few more years of research and the technology would be complete.

~Bristol, 2010

Both Britain and the U.S. have been driven to economic disaster after spending more than half their budgets in this program. To their surprise, however, the device seemed to be working. After immense research the Imaginary Friend Device was fully operational. Yet, nobody was to expect what happened next.

~Afghanistan, 2011

A warehouse storing these IFD's was raided by a Taliban force. Soon after those criminals were put on charge but not before selling the devices to underground rich criminals in Europe and the United States. It was not long before the U.S. was able to recover 90% of the sold devices, but Europe was experiencing its own problems. London had become overrun and controlled by IFD users.




Citizen Classification: (Are you a normal human, a government agent, or are you an IFD user?)



Imaginary Friend Sheet


Age: (This might be optional depending on what your Imaginary Friend is.)

Appearance: (NOTE: You can go beyond humanoid.)


Special Abilities: (Up to three, a primary, a secondary, and Tertiary.)
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Glad you asked as to keep this thing alive XD.

IFD an Imaginary Friend Device, is a piece of technology that makes physical projection of what a person's best defense is. Basically say when the person was a kid and they liked turtles and then got an IFD when they were 30. More than likely their manifested defense would be a turtle or something related to turtles.

What the manifestation does is protect with either offense or defense and carries a lot of aspects of what an alter would be in S-Cry-Ed only this is a little less magical.