Images vs Descriptions

Images or Descriptions?

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When it comes to whipping up a character bio, some people choose images and some prefer to write down a description.

Both have their pros and cons!

When writing YOUR character bios, which are you more likely to learn towards?


Images when I don't know what I want to look like or I'm lazy.

Also might find a picture first and base the rest of the character on it.

Prefer descriptions though.


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I prefer descriptions. While I guess using images may make me play characters I hadn't before considered or give me new ideas, it always makes me feel dirty and unoriginal. I also don't like the idea that I'm taking someone's face and voice and slapping my own character onto them and using them like a puppet.
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I like doing both, but sometimes it's hard to find that perfect picture so I'll just write the description rather than use a picture that doesn't fit my vision of the character.

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A good description can allow readers to more precisely imagine the appearance of a person or object, but a well-composed picture can also tell a story.


I like to use both. :3

Having an image to make my posts pretty is nice, as is adding extra detail in the character sheet. Especially if the image of my character is artwork made for me by a friend. Might as well use it!

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Unless I've personally drawn the image, I'll use description. I simply can never find the right picture to fit my characters.

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Written description. Why? 1.Finding something that matches your character and the setting can be difficult.

2.If it's an original creation or a species there isn't good or well done pictures of.

3.Searching for pictures can be tedious. I remember having to deal with waves of girly anime men and other fail stuff to find an image last time I checked. Unless you find an image first and then build the character, it's a chore.

Eh, on occasion I may break the rule. But it's not often I use images to describe a character.


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I love using pictures but I try to actually write a description about them to enhance the picture.

I like using images because it gives the rest of the players the same image for my character.