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    Create a location based on the image provided; a location can be as small as a room, as big as a planet! You can use the form (Ozzie's Basic Setting Bio) below, or free-write!

    Location/World Name: What is your setting called?
    Genre: E.g., fantasy, sci-fi, or etc.
    Scale: How big is your setting? Is this a planet, continent, city, someone's backyard?
    Geography/Appearance: What does your setting look like? What landmarks does it have?
    Technology/Magic: Does your setting have magic? If so, how does it work? How advanced is the technology?
    Inhabitants/Culture: Who lives in this setting? What is society like? Religion and customs?
    Flora/Fauna: What sort of animals, plants, and other non-human life are found in your setting?
    General History: Sum up important events in your setting's past.
    Current Events: What is currently happening in your setting that we should know about?
  2. Location/World Name: Earth, 2150. Outskirts of Kansas City, District Eighteen

    Genre: E.g., Sci-Fi, Realism

    Scale: The Southern Kansas city area, 2153 A.D. spanning across old city limits labeled in Districts.

    Geography/Appearance (open)
    : The Missouri River, but twenty miles North runs low these days, a barren reminder of the poisoned river of a hundred years ago and the forgotten memory of a once lush land. A suburban graveyard with little population, high apartments falling into disrepair, corner gas stations left over from the Oil War, strip malls crippled with busted sheets of windows and crumbling foundations. Across the river the sonic booms of space craft decelerating and taking off, regular freight traffic from massive scrap operations, work crews disassembling the city piece by piece. A great abandonment, the world being stricken to the bone of both manufactured resources left standing over the years to suffer through the seasons. Most streets and highways lay empty, the scars winter has left all the more lonesome, missing the once regular traffic.

    July again, reaching the end of the afternoon as the sun lined up with Main Street for miles. Sensors in undying lights flicker on by timer as the hot glow began to diminish, concrete cooling along cracking sidewalk, withering weeds poking through fighting for their own place in the splits and cracks. Breezes trapped in the confines of tight streets, only a whisper through alleyways and around tight corners. A pair of old men in the distance just past the railroad crossing sitting in old lawn chairs, shaded by cheap umbrellas embracing cheap beer, sweating fresh from the cheap cooler between them. Hardly a hundred people in these cluttered bones, moving about scavenging what they can either in gardens in their back yards or tinkering away with an old car that had survived being scavenged. Most notable, was a clear sky. An uncommon sight in these dying times.

    Technology/Magic: (open)
    There is no magic, though it is believed by the inhabitants left on Earth there are ghosts everywhere. As for technology, molecular computing and portable fusion power have become widely available to the now space faring civilizations which once resided entirely on Earth. Colonization of the Moon and Mars have been underway for some time now, a mass exodus of all those deemed healthy and fit enough were slowly but surely immigrating to new homes off world. Over the past seventy years advances in technology has slowed compared to the turn of the twenty-first century. With the invention of near limitless power from a device no larger than a fist, the quality of life across the world had grown considerably. Regular advances in space flight have become the key to the future, slowly exploring the moons of Jupiter and the beginnings of colonies near the poles of Venus.

    However, in spite of the many technological achievements of man, there were hundreds of millions who simply could not leave Earth. Unable to maintain a healthy body on the Lunar surface or the long journey to Mars or Venus. Those who remained were the elderly, diseased, terminal and those who's bodies simply could not survive space flight. Though in recent years large towers have been constructed across the world, designed to slowly regenerate Earth's atmosphere. A heady plan that would span far outside the lifetimes of the living.

    Inhabitants/Culture: (open)
    A cultural which still resembled modern day Mid-America still resides here. A secular society who's habits reflected a life of work. Those left tended small farms in the inner cities, breaking down existing infrastructure to sale to scavenging crews. Children taught by their parents and closely knit communities maintained small closed off communities, many fenced up and barricaded. Not so much for protection anymore, but out of tradition since the last great war only a few decades earlier. Though these days, many people would live as old as 110, even those who could not travel into space led healthy long lives. Yearly celebrations took place here for those who had lived during the war, men and women of over 100 would be showered in gifts of food, gifts and praise. Many believing that despite being left on the planet, that they too could still thrive and live good long lives.

    Flora/Fauna: (open)
    Much of the same plants and animals still inhabit the lands. Over the past decade the forests have begun to retake the furthest points of the outskirts, deer seen wandering in the city, hundreds of rabbits to be found in the forests. Nature had slowly begun to creep back in, taking back what was rightfully hers. Overgrown grass taking over yards, vines and trees creeping up the sides of homes and the slow chipping away of the elements.

    General History: (open)
    The third great war erupted in 2102, June 7th after the newly formed Western Allied Nations, AKA W.A.N. had come into full effect. Securing ties in between all countries of the West, much of Northern Africa, Russian and the Middle Eastern Nations. Tensions had begun to spark over the severe lack of world resources such as simple metals like bauxite, iron and copper had dropped to all time lows. As well as other fossil fuels, such as oil. Though historically its not clear what sparked the event, along the Tajikistan and newly reformed Chinese borders a major conflict broke out between French and Chinese forces which quickly turned into a massive conflict that spread all the way to the Mediterranean sea. Politicians debated and argued about who shot first, but after five years of advancing Chinese forces which had begun to push into Israel, three high yield nuclear weapons were detonated. One at the W.A.N. headquarters in Geneva, the second in London and the third in a passenger plane above Hong Kong. The war came to a grinding halt, as the first nuclear device detonated during the Chinese invasion into the heart of Israel. The source of the nuclear detonations and who was responsible is unknown to this day.

    There was other activity in the Americas, a small civil war had broken out and had consumed much of the nation between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachians. A conflict between Brazil and Mexico had begun to simmer down over resource rights which had ended up burning down many forests after a small handful of nuclear devices were used in remote regions between armies by still unknown parties.

    Within the next few months peace was finally declared on October 15th, 2109. The worlds resources had come to a halt and there was no more oil, many nuclear power plants had been decommissioned during the war by covert operations on both sides and everyone knew that this was the end. Over the next decade the W.A.N. had reformed and accepted a majority of the worlds nations into its doors. Though the bitterness was left by the war, humanity had no choice but to find a solution. Colonization was already underway before the war on both Mars and the Moon and it was decided that these would become the primary efforts of the W.A.N. to keep a common great goal for the many united nations to strive for.

    It was on September 2nd the next year, 2110 tragedy fell across the world. A massive solar flare wiped out the entire Eastern hemispheres electronics, satellites came raining down one at a time and the global effort was hampered, but only momentarily. Not but a few months later a group of scientists backed by the W.A.N. announced their discovery and ability to begin creating fusion power. Their initial devices the size of most stadiums, but providing immense near limitless power across the world. Efforts shifted to creating a more global electrical grid, hastening the massive efforts on off world colonization. Over the next year many events transpired, the discovery of the Ozone layers massive holes and severe atmospheric depletion from both humanities pollution and effects felt by the Sun. But by this point, much of the worlds technology involving space travel had advanced at an astonishing rate, allowing for millions to be transported in days to new homes. Mass inspections imposed on much of the world, rooting out any who would not be fit for space travel. In the end, out of the eleven billion, roughly eight-hundred million would be left on Earth, unable or refusing space travel, however few refused such an opportunity.

    And so it began, the great migration, the mass exodus to new worlds. Over the next few decades cities became sparse with life, what was left of the W.A.N. had begun massive projects to recycle hundreds of thousands of existing structures for material. This began to shape the world as it is today, creating a now sparse Earth with a similar soul, but far diminished.

    Current Events/Extras: (open)
    The world is considered, for the first time, to be at total peace. Many enjoy their way of life, most free of the governing bodies which had slowly lost interest in their once great nations as they looked toward the heavens, and most don't seem to mind. Life is good. Tough, but good. Though in recent years the summers have become hotter, the winters harsher and it has begun to create some unrest by those left in the cities. Reports of ghosts have climbed as well and is believed by many. Too many have actually seen them to remain in disbelief. Many believe it's a sign of the end, others however have seen this as something of an awakening of the planet, as if it were curious why so many have left it's once fertile shores.

    Extras: There are those who believe they are followed by some of these ghosts, accompanied by them at all times. Some know this to be true, but not all see them. Those who report them most however are the elderly, those who have lived prolonged lives of over one-hundred.

    I may put some more work into this later. For now, sleepy sleepy time.
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