Image Inspiration #11: Rooftop View

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  1. Image is courtesy of the lovely and talented Hailey Wall


    Create a location based on the image provided; a location can be as small as a room, as big as a planet! You can use the form (Ozzie's Basic Setting Bio) below, or free-write!

    Location/World Name: What is your setting called?
    Genre: E.g., fantasy, sci-fi, or etc.
    Scale: How big is your setting? Is this a planet, continent, city, someone's backyard?
    Geography/Appearance: What does your setting look like? What landmarks does it have?
    Technology/Magic: Does your setting have magic? If so, how does it work? How advanced is the technology?
    Inhabitants/Culture: Who lives in this setting? What is society like? Religion and customs?
    Flora/Fauna: What sort of animals, plants, and other non-human life are found in your setting?
    General History: Sum up important events in your setting's past.
    Current Events: What is currently happening in your setting that we should know about?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.